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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Suspected Helper in Sueann Ray Murder Case Asks For Less Restrictions!

Sueann Ray was missing for nearly six months when her body was found on property within spitting distance to relative's property of her estranged husband, Quinton Ray. The day her body was found buried in a shallow grave on Cherokee Gold Trail, her husband was arrested. Shortly thereafter, Sueann's father-in-law (Harrold Ray)was arrested for assisting his son, Quinton Ray in disposing of Sueann's body the night she vanished (August 26, 2005).
Harrold Ray has maintained his innocence since his arrest. He was granted bond, and made to take two drug tests per week as well as wear a GPS ankle bracelet to monitor his movements. He has not been happy with the judges orders because he claims he is innocent, and should be able to come and go as he pleases.

Ray has a past history of alcoholism and drug abuse. It is believed the testing two times a week more than likely has prompted his new requested hearing on June 28th. At this hearing, he is requesting for some of his restrictions to be removed. He feels as if they are straining his personal life. His personal life......... Let's discuss personal life.

It seems somewhere that the world has forgotten about Sueann Ray. She was murdered and buried in a shallow grave. She was found and finally laid to rest properly. It does not end there. The people "believed" to have helped put her there need to be punished. No jury has found either guilty thus far, however they have been charged. To me, you should DEAL with the restrictions put on you until the day in court arrives. Personally he should not be out on the streets at all, but he is. Being drug tested and wearing an ankle bracelet is only a drop in the bucket as to the uncomfortable reminder Sueann Ray's family must recall each day that they have to get up and go to work and carry on with life. At what point do we forget the life that ended and the restrictions of the family and the ultimate price that was paid that fateful night? While I will wait for the jury's decision in this case so ensure that justice is given where it's due, I feel like some of these requests are not only pathetic but an overall first hand look into the individuals mind who is "suspected" of assisting in this crime. Feeling justified, or that it never happened and life should just be able to go on without any restrictions or payment for actions taken that are against the laws of our land. One person comes to mind when I think of people who like to deny their actions. He was convicted of the crime and he now rests on San Quintin's death row. Seems that a sociopath mind is not enough to fool every jury in the US.


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