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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Judge Dismisses Jury in Lunsford Murder Case

A year after Jessica Lunsford was found after being buried alive by a scriveled up sex offender, John Evander Couey, jury selection has finally began - or so we thought. Just today, the same judge who tossed out Couey's confession and his past brushes with sex offenses decided to hault jury selection because he feels like there cannot be any suitable jury seated for Couey.
I'm just so disgusted with our judicial system. We have to worry ourselves to death with have we violated somebody's rights and were they mistreated as a child, so maybe we should give them a second chance once they are about to be held accountable for the crime they've committed. We look up down, around and all around, backwards, forwards, through a crystal ball and as many ways as possible to see if we can let them off, but our victims are never given a second chance.
They are tried, convicted, and sentenced all in one night. Usually for a crime they didn't commit. Within days their names and what happened to them is nothing but a memory and the world just needs to sit down and shut up about it. There's a man who's life is on the line now and he needs to be given ever opportunity for a chance to do better. - PUUUUUUULEEEZE people. Who was there as the victim was begging and pleading? It's wrong and it's inhumaine to execute somebody. No, where you are wrong is when these people who are being made to stand accountable for their actions raped, strangled, beat, tortured, or whatever the case may be, did to the victim. When you choose to take an action against another individual like that, no matter what you may feel they've done to you, it's wrong.
I believe that the outcome of Couey is that once a jury is finally seated is that he will be finally found GUILTY murdering this child and he'll be given the death penalty. From there he'll probably sit in jail for another 25 years reading tv and reading magazines probably mailed to him from some weak minded woman he's met through some prison fan club and then he'll be put down. Hopefully when he blinks out of this world, he'll be finally resting in hell where he belongs. I have no special thoughts for those who violate and murder children. For those who have not heard those transcripts of this schriveled up bastard admitting to murdering Jessie, then maybe you should see them and then you might can agree with my harsh words and thoughts of this piece of crap.


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