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Monday, October 16, 2006

Missing Pieces Radio Station for Missing & Unsolved Cases

If you have ever browsed the Doenetwork website, you’ve probably ran across the name “Todd Matthews” at some point. Todd became known for his identification of the “Tent Girl” a.k.a., Barbara Hackman in 1998 who had been missing and unidentified since 1967. While some people in the general community could not understand the importance of what Todd Matthews did for the family of Barbara Hackman, other families who have similar situations think he’s an angel from above.

After the identification of Barbara, Todd’s work did not end there. He felt as if he could not stop with this one case. There were too many others out there who were waiting for identification and their family would never rest until they were given answers.

In Todd’s quest for helping others, he’s started a new radio show with the help of Eric Meadows of WCAN Radio called “Missing Pieces”. This show speaks to families and organizations that deal directly with missing and unsolved cases every Tuesday night at 8 PM EST. This show is something that I feel like has been a long time coming, but probably bypassed by several networks because it touches on something that our communities would like to forget about. In this hour, you’ll hear the cold hard facts about what a family goes through, the efforts to find these people, and just where we’ve come and fallen short in times passed with various cases.
The shows are always different every week so it’s not repetitious. The information that is on there is easy to follow and the listeners can call in and communicate if they want.

If you are just now coming into the missing and unsolved arena and you want to learn more, this is your opportunity to do it. You can learn from the comfort of your own home and you can become more aware of this ongoing problem. We see the stories on Nancy Grace, Greta, Larry King and the other shows. It’s getting worse and as a community we feel like we want to get involved but don’t know where to start.

There’s positive ways to make a difference. Start by listening to this show and supporting Missing Pieces. To view the show schedule, archives of past shows, and more information, visit – www.MissingPieces.Info

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