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Friday, August 18, 2006

Have We Really Made A Break in The JonBenet Case?

Unless you live in a cave, you've probably seen the news flashing this pathetic looking man wearing his pants pulled up underneath his arm pits. His name is John Mark Karr and he is believed to be responsible for the now ten year old unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
He was arrested in Thailand and shortly thereafter, made a confession in front of hundred of TV cameras. Karr claims that he "loved" JonBenet, he was with her when she died and her death was an accident. However, he dodges the questions about how he got into the house. This is making some people wonder, was this man ever inside the house, or is he using this for attention? I'll tell you all why I suspect this.

Karr is a pervert. He's in trouble for child porn in Thailand. Their laws are very different from the United States. Chances are he's looking at some serious jail time there if he is tried and convicted there. If he gets back to the states and is tried her for this situation, and they find out he's a blooming idiot and made the whole thing up, chances are, he won't be sent back to Thailand to face those charges so he's gotten himself out of a lot of trouble already. You say, well why'd the FBI come after him if they had NOTHING. That's the part that is interesting. Obviously they had something they wanted to talk to him about. I believe his factination with the documented Polly Klaas murder and then JonBenet, and his email trasactions may be what caused the authorities to zero in on him. This man is a nut case for sure. I am still not ready to jump conclusions and say OH MY GOD they've found the KILLER, because there is still something that is not adding up.
Karr is not giving them the correct information and it could be that he's doing this to be a typical psychopath or it could be because he is not the real killer, I just dont know. I do know one thing. The media has exploited the hell of that poor family and JonBenet. Is it really necessary to put a film crew out by her gravesite for crying out loud?
How many other families are there out there right now who have suffered the same type of situation but never got this type of media hype. Frankly, I was trying to watch a little of the Perry March trial when it was interrupted by this man wearing these pants up too high. By the way, the found March GUILTY and I was glad.
We'll all be watching this whether we want to or not and hopefully they'll find out if this man is for real or if he's just another pervert who needs to be put to sleep.


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