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Friday, August 11, 2006

What It's Really Like To Have Someone You Love Turn Up Missing

In the next few days I am going to share with you two stories written by two mothers who have written out what it's like to have their child vanish without a trace. Many times as websleuths and advocates we can imagine what it must be like, but we can't ever understand fully what these people feel on a daily basis.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to use our blog as a space for families to tell their stories and not to use it just for my own thoughts and ideas. I'm seeing too many blogs that are popping up online that are copy pasted material of Amber Alerts and things that are important but at the same time are missing the personal aspect that I feel the readers need. I know that we have people who are reading my material, so I want you all to read the material of these heartbroken mothers, dad, and others who are trying to find their loved ones. Lets all take a moment and step outside from our own lives and imagine ourselves walking a mile in these shoes.

Our first story is written by a dear sweet lady I've only met one time at the CUE Conference in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her name is Donna Parent, and her daughter Brandy Hanna disappeared without a trace on May 20, 2005. She needs to be located. Once you complete reading Donna's writing, please visit Brandy's website - Missing Brandy
Thank-you Donna for sharing this with Angel Garden of Hope and all the others who will be reading this.

What happens when one day someone you love more than life itself disappears? Have you ever thought about this I never did. Until the day my sweet little girl was gone and I had no idea or clue as to what to do. Can you imagine the millons of things that race through your head at a time like this. When Brandy disappeared I did not know what to do other than call the Police that went nowhere fast. My daughter is 32 I was told she could come and go as she pleased. So imagine you realize your child is missing and the people you think are suppose to help you could care less.

I have tried every avenue I can think of to bring attention to her case and keep her face in the public but on a daily basis I have people come into the Restaurant where I work and she did before she went missing . They have not heard one thing about Brandy missing and these people live in the same town I do . Brandy has been missing almost 15 months how is this possible?

Then you have the people who call you with all the I saw her over here or she was at this motel. I saw her walking down the road. You would not believe the stories I have been told.

Then you have the bodies that are found these are the worst as you wait sometimes days to find out if this is your missing loved one and all the thoughts go through your head as you wait to find out.

Then you have the people who think just because its been 15 months I should be over it, they forgot about it why haven`t you.Life is not easy for the family of missing persons only a select few get the attention they should all get.

Missing males get the least amount of publicity I don`t know why this is, they are just as important as females.My daughter is Missing I hate saying that but it is true I can`t move forward nor can i go backward I am stuck in the day she went missing.

People can say all they want but until you`ve walked in our shoes please don`t judge how we react to things you say or do.You do not feel the pain and suffering we are going through constantly, we can not turn these emotions on and off . Nor can we stop looking for our precious missing person even if we have to do it alone. Its not a path I chose but its one I have to walk to find my daughter


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