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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mom Still Missing After Two Years

Yolanda Bindics had just concluded her shift at the Family Dollar store where she was employed in Jamestown, New York when she disappeared without a trace. She'd never not called nor come home because she was a devoted mother of four young children that she loved and cared for. The next day Yolanda's car was found abandoned at a nearby Arby's and still no sign of Yolanda. By now, family and friends were very much concerned that something had happened to Yolanda. Now that two years has passed, that concern has grown to fear.

In the months after Yolanda's disappearance, there were some items related to her that were found and submitted into evidence, and even some people that might be potential suspects, but so far, no arrests. One man in particular was employed with the police department and known to have a connection with Yolanda at one time. He's had some questionable behavior with women and some believe he may have harassed Yolanda Bindics around the time before she vanished. To date, he has not been arrested in connection with her disappearance.
There have been more questions than answers in regards to Yolanda's disappearance and it just does not seem possible that anyone could just drop off the face of the earth. Somewhere, there is someone that knows where Yolanda Bindics is.

Today our group is remembering Yolanda Bindics on the two year anniversary since she vanished. Our thoughts are with her family and friends who continue to search for her. May they be given the strength to continue on as long as this may take. The uncertainty of dealing with a missing person case is so very difficult at times.

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