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Friday, September 15, 2006

Toddler Missing - Nancy Grace Not Responsible For Mom's Suicide

August 27, 2006 Melinda Duckett sits down to watch some movies with two gentleman in her apartment in Leesburg, Florida. Two hours later she supposidly goes to check for her two year old son, Trenton Duckett and he's missing from his bed. Mom then calls police and the search begins.

Authorities would later discover a sliced window screen outside the baby's bedroom window and it leaves many to wonder how somebody could leave a cut that small and possibly take a child out through the window?

Days later Trenton remains missing and Melinda Duckett and others are frantically searching for the toddler when she decides to come on famous talk show host Nancy Grace's show on Friday, September 8th. Many of you who work in the missing person arena know Ms. Grace as one who is very outspoken and is not afraid to get straight to the point when it comes to these high profile cases. Most people either like her or they don't.

I happened to be at home last Friday night and caught the interview with Melinda Duckett and Nancy Grace. As a skeptic, I thought right off, Melinda Duckett was a little cocky for a mom with a missing child, and somewhat evasive, but as Nancy began to prod closer into the events leading upto Trenton's disappearance, it became very evident that Melinda Duckett was NOT going to answer any questions that Nancy Grace had.
Right off it was looking bad that Melinda Duckett was refusing to answer whether or not she'd taken a lie detector test. It only looked worse when she would not offer Nancy Grace or anybody else on the panel that night any answers as to where she was in the hours leading up to Trenton's disappearance. In my mind, she did not want anybody to know where she'd been and then came the scroll across CNN -----------
I thought hmmmmmmmm, I smell a big rat here.

Days later it was confirmed that Melinda had committed suicuide and then came the reports that she'd done this after being interviewed on the Nancy Grace show. Some people are beginning to say that Nancy Grace is to blame for this woman going off the deep end and taking her own life. They claim that Melinda should have been handled with kid gloves and she was treated like a caged animal that went over the edge. Let's get real people!

Nancy Grace asked this woman direct questions pertaining to the whereabouts of her son and his disappearance! Nancy Grace did not cause this woman to go off the deep end. I'm sure there was pressure from the FBI and other law enforcement officials on Melinda Duckett's trail much more so than Nancy Grace.

This woman had some major issues judging from the material that is coming out from her blogs, and other writings that have been taken from her house. She was a person that I believe methodically planned to cause the disapearance of her son and at this point, I doubt he'll be found. She had a great amount of hatred for her soon to be ex-husband - Josh Duckett.

Her funeral was today and what she took to her grave was probably more than we will ever be able to learn from a blog or diary. This is a sad sad case, and Nancy Grace is not the scape goat here.


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