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Monday, November 28, 2005

Jody Ledkins - The Fateful Walk

On May 23, 1985, Jody Ledkins called her mother Karen to ask for a ride home from a friend's house. Karen was unable to come pick up Jody because at the time she did not have a car that particular afternoon. Jody told her mother that it was no big deal, that she'd begin walking home, because after all it was not far away, and she would be home soon. Jody never arrived.
As hours passed, Karen began to become concerned where Jody was. She should be home by now. After calling several of Jody's friend's, Karen still had no answers of Jody's whereabouts. Karen attempted to call the authorities about Jody's disappearance, but she was told that Jody probably was just angry about something, and to give it the weekend and if Jody still was not home, to give them a call back. The weekend passed, and still no sign of Jody.
In prior months, Jody had been in trouble at school for skipping school with a few other teens. Jody was a normal teen in that she loved the Dukes of Hazzard and anything with stars. Authorities told Karen that her daughter more than likely ran away, and it was left at that. Karen never believed that her daughter ran away that May afternoon. She believed that something went wrong and nobody was listening to her pleas for help to find Jody.
In 1985, there were few resources in place for people who become missing and many people simply slipped through the cracks. Possibly valueable information being lost because the police's inability to act on the situation in time.

It is now 20 years later and Jody remains missing. Karen continues to take at least one day a week to dedicate to the search for her daughter. Alive or dead, Karen wants to find out Jody's fate. Karen claims that she was ignorant about what to do when something like this happened back then. How could she know how to handle a situation like that? There is no manual that tells parents what to do when a child becomes missing. What's more disturbing is how authorities can pass off a disappearance as something that is not important.
Jody's mother has become a very dear person in my life in the last year. She's shared so many things she continues to do in searching for Jody. What amazes me the most about all of these cases of missing loved ones, is that no matter how long it has been, there is always a mom or dad who refuses to give up. I believe there is someone who knows what happened to Jody that day. I believe that this case can still be solved, even after 20 years. For more information about Jody, visit her website @ www.GeoCities.Com/FindJodyLedkins
Jody is still missing but never forgotten.

Tonight's blog is dedicated to Carrie Culberson & all other missing and murdered people. May they be found soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

All She Ever Wanted - Justice for Stacey Balas

In 1988 Stacey Balas was in an near fatal car crash when her friend backed out of a driveway into the path of an oncoming transfer truck. Stacey's family was informed that she probably would not live through the night, but Stacey proved them all wrong. Stacey would need to rebuild life as she knew it from scratch. Her brain was severly damaged from the accident, leaving her with the capacity of a new born baby. Stacey's recovery was slow but it improved over time.
Stacey, a very independant young woman did not want to depend on the government to keep her up over an accident, and she wanted to work like all other young women her age. Stacey was limited to certain types of work due to the massive head injuries she sustained a few years earlier. There were certain things she was unable to do.
Stacey was working at a Subway sandwich shop in Fairview Park Ohio on the night of November 26, 1996 when something went awry. Stacey was closing the shop that night at around 1 a.m., because she had to return the following day around 11 a.m. Stacey did not come home that night.
The following day Stacey's Nissan Pathfinder was located a few blocks away abandoned in a motel parking lot, but still no sign of Stacey. Authorities checked inside the motel to find that Stacey Balas never entered that area any time near the time of her disappearance. After Stacey's disappearance, her family and friends came to learn that she had been working with a man, who had prior brushes with authorities. His name was Larry Wade. Wade was working at the sandwich shop with Stacey on the night of her disappearance. Larry claimed that Stacey closed the shop and they both left separetly that night.
Several months would pass and still no sign of Stacey, when something disturbing happened. Another young woman was attacked by none other than the man last known to have seen Stacey Balas three months earlier, that being Larry Wade. Wade had attacked the woman and attempted to rape her, but she got away. Charges were filed against Wade for this attack and he was subsequently put in jail. There was still no sign of Stacey Balas.
Authorities would release that Stacey's credit card had been used shortly after her disappearance at a gas station but video camera's did not capture who the person was. Stacey's key to her Pathfinder was found by Larry Wade's wife in his possession, however Wade claimed he didnt know how he got it.

Stacey's disappearance was on one of America's most celebrated holiday weekends, Thanksgiving. A holiday that Stacey's family could never celebrate again normally because of the mystery of what happened to Stacey. It is also believed by those who have worked on Stacey's case, that due to the holiday weekend that the case was not pursued in the manner it should have been.

In early November of 2005, almost nine years after Stacey vanished without a trace, authorities announced that they were charging Larry Wade with Stacey's disappearance and murder, although Stacey has never been found. It is unclear if Stacey's remains will ever be located because Larry Wade is not cooperating with authorities since his indictment. Stacey has had a very hard time at life, and almost lost her life once due to someone else's error. It appears that due to someone else's evilness, Stacey was later taken away. All she ever wanted was to have a normal happy life.
As Thanksgiving arrives tomorrow, I am confident Stacey's family is reliving the pain of that weekend, and they are now facing the upcoming trial of the man who took away sweet innocent Stacey. With the grace of God Stacey's body can be recovered and laid to rest in a proper burial, and there will be justice for stacey Her story is one that aches deep down in my heart. I will be watching as this trial moves forward and praying that this man is made to pay for his crimes. For more information on Stacey's case, visit one of the following links below:

The DoeNetwork Case File
Stacey's Listing on Ohio's Missing
Center to Locate Stacey Balas

This blog entry is dedicated to Carrie Culberson and all other missing people.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two Teenage Black Widows? History Repeats Itself

Today's blog entry is not about a particular missing or murdered person. It is a personal look into two murder cases.

In 1991, 14 year old Jessica Wiseman was dating a 17 year young man that her parents did not approve of. Their relationship was not your conventional teen relationship. The relationship was a deep sexual relationship that Jessica's parents were not going to allow. After all, Jessica was only 14 years old. Finally J.B. and his wife Kathy Wiseman told Jessica's boyfriend, Douglas Christopher Thomas, better known as "Chris" that his relationship was OVER with Jessica. Jessica devised a plan with Chris who later was determined to be borderline mentally retarded to murder her parents. She told Chris that there was no other way for them to be together, and that she was being abused repeatly by her father both sexually and physically. Jessica planned that fateful night. She would let Chris into the house, they'd murder her parents, and then they would make it appear that someone had broken into the residence and it was a burglary gone wrong.
Chris tried to back out of the plan at the last minute but Jessica said it had to be done. Acting upon his love for Jessica, he shot both her father and mother.
The next day, unable to accept what he had done, Chris (pictured left) turned himself in to authorities. Jessica began to say that Chris was stalking her family and she was not the loving girlfriend anymore. It appeared Chris had been set up because Jessica felt her parents were too strict on her. It seemed to detectives that she hand picked Chris Thomas because of his past brushes with police. Who was going to believe his story against hers? Chris was convicted of his crimes and given a harsh sentence. He was sentenced to die by lethal injection. Chris has already been executed for his crimes. Jessica, because she was underage at the time of her involvement, she was only given the maximum sentence for youth in Virginia, that being 12 years in a youth facility.
A made for television movie came out about this called "Twisted Desire". Jessica Wiseman's character is played by Sabrina the Teenage Witche's actress, Melissa Joan Hart. It airs often times on Lifetime Television for women. A case that both angers and saddens me to see what happened.

Just last week, another Kara Borden was supposidly abducted by a young man who just murdered her parents. In the beginning the authorities believed that Borden was taken against her will by this young man that she was known to be dating. Borden's parents just like the Wisemans were not approving of the relationship and demanded that it end. Police believe the motive for murder was because Ludwig was unable to accept the family's decision to stop him from seeing Kara.
Did David plan this attack alone or was his girlfriend involved in the plan just like with the Wiseman case back in 1991?
While authorities are still working on this case, I have to wonder if this is another "Twisted Desire" but several years later in another state? Is history repeating itself?

Reports are coming out that Kara ran to the car after Ludwig murdered her family and wanted to go with him. I am waiting to hear that she somehow convinced Ludwig that there was no way for them to be together unless he murdered the family. This is an age old game. Some people will do anything for the one they love, even commit murder. When I saw this on TV, my mind went directly back to Twisted Desire. I hope that if this young woman is involved in this, that she is given equal punishment for her role. We've all been angry at our parents but we didnt murder them. No one person's life should end because of teenage black widow. This is one that I will be keeping a watch on.

Tonight's blog entry is dedicated as always to Carrie Culberson.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Remembering Dru Sjodin

November 22, 2003 Dru Sjodin was leaving her job at Victoria's Secret to head home to begin preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday. As she made her way through the door towards the parking lotm she dialed a friend on her cell phone. Shortly thereafter, the friend would hear Dru say "oh my God" and the phone fell silent. Dru never arrived home that night and it was clear that something had gone very wrong that afternoon.
The search began for Dru. Who could've taken her and why? Dru's boyfriend was ruled out as a suspect shortly after Dru's disappearance. It appeared that Dru was taken by someone she did not know. Authorities began a search for anybody who might be a person of interest in the disappearance of Dru, when one person appeared on their list. His name was Alfonzo Rodriguez. Rodriguez was recently released from prison where he served a sentence for rape and attempted kidnapping. He was considered a level three sex offender. Later Rodriguez's vehicle would yield information that he was the person who took Dru. He was subsequently arrested. Several searches were called off due to treacherous weather conditions. Later, in April of 2004, Dru was found covered by her coat in a revine. The search for Dru was now over, and the search for justice would begin. Rodriguez has been charged with Dru's murder, however he has yet to be put on trial for Dru's murder. Today's blog entry is not just about the disappearance of Dru Sjodin, it's about another very serious problem in our world today - that being sex offenders.
Many people are trying to find out what causes these people to exist and what causes them to act on their impulses. It is my personal opinion that many of these people who commit these crimes have past problems with sexual abuse as a child or some sort of porn addiction. I believe the pornography fuels many of these violent attacks against women and children, even against men. It is a known fact that some people cannot separate reality from fantasy. We cannot stop adult films, and Lord knows if we did, there would be a lot of people out jobs. HOWEVER - we can make these items not so readily available to people. These things to certain people are dangerous tools that fuel impulses that are later acted upon usually against others who do not have the same mindset.
With Alfonzo Rodriguez, I believe had a hatred towards a certain type of woman. He used his hated, along with his twisted thoughts inside his head to attack an innocent victim.
How many of these disappearances are we seeing on the news daily that are later found to be linked to a sex offender? It appears we have a global epidemic. I believe each state in the US should begin a campaign to stop these people. Make them known to everyone, not just listing them on a website. We need zero tolerance. Life needs to revert back to the times when we could sleep with our doors open without fear. No other woman or man should be abducted for some person's sick idea of a good time. There are things we can do to work towards zero tolerance. What happened to Dru should've never happened. Let us remember her family and Dru tomorrow as they celebrate this unfortunate anniversary. Once again, if we all work together, we can put a stop to these people and save somebody's loved one.

This blog entry today is dedicated to Carrie Culberson and all others who are either missing or murdered.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Disappearance of Patrice Endres

On April 15, 2004 Patrice Endres was abducted from her salon in Forsyth County Georgia. She was in between customers when someone entered the salon, interrupted her in the middle of heating up her lunch, and abducted her.
That night as Forsyth County police searched for her, I could hear the helicopters flying over our house headed to the search. My family had been watching this on the news. I didnt sleep at all that night. All I could think about was that woman and was she in trouble at that very moment.
The next day I did little work at my job, I kept hitting the reload button on the Channel 2 Action News website waiting to hear that she'd been located. By the end of the day, I couldnt take it anymore. I called Forsyth County and asked them if they were taking searchers for Patrice. They told me not at that time. Unable to let it go at that mom and I got in the car and headed to the command post. I had a little experience with missing people by this time so I could offer some help, but at that time, I wasnt sure what. Upon our arrival to the command post, a search and rescue lady came out to talk with us. I explained to her that I had worked with one case of a missing woman and I felt like with us being so close and not helping that it was just wrong. Then it came to me. I asked the woman did Patrice have a website, and if not, would the family like one made for Patrice free of charge. She told us yes and I headed home to get started. Later that afternoon we spoke with Patrice's husband, Rob Endres. A kind man who was at his wits end about the whole situation. We had Patrice's site up and running by that night however, Patrice was still missing without a trace.
Days would turn into weeks with no answers as to what happened to Patrice that day. I began working with Patrice's husband on ideas of how we could increase her reward fund and gain more public interest in her case. We started doing car washes as fundraisers. My memory goes back to the very first one we had. It was Memorial Day weekend in 2004. We worked that entire day washing at least 50 cars. We would have several more of these when six months had passed since Patrice vanished. It was now time for a vigil for her.
At that same time, authorities had began to focus in a man named Jeremy Jones who they believed might be responsible for Patrice's abduction. Jones is a known sex offender in Oklahoma. At that time he was believed to be connected to about 3 women who were either dead or missing. In March of 2005 our worst fears came to pass. Jones confessed to Patrice's abduction, rape and murder. He claimed that he disposed of her that fateful day in the Sweetwater Creek which deposits into a larger more complex body of water, the Chatahooche River. A massive search was underway and all we were allowed to do was watch from over a bridge. The search was called off due to weather conditions and later it was canceled completely. Would we ever bring Patrice home?
Shortly after the search was called off Patrice was missing for a year. Her husband needed to have something special for Patrice. It ended up being a special dinner that was held by Ray's on the River. The dining area overlooked the river where Patrice is known to be. Family members of the other victims of Jeremy Jones were at this gathering. My family worked feverishly to create a suprise website for Amanda Greenwell and Lisa Nichols' family as a token of our sympathy that night. It turned out to be a beautiful but sad night. As a token of our sympathy for Patrice, a hand drawn portrait was drawn and framed from my dad (who is an artist) to Rob Endres. At the end of the dinner, we all walked down to the river and tossed a purple rose (in Patrice's favorite color) into the river. It didnt seem enough but there was not much else we could do.
In October 2005 Patrice's abductor went on trial and was found GUILTY of raping, murdering and then setting Lisa Nichols on fire. He has been sentenced to die by lethal injection. Although all the victims of Jeremy Jones know he will never hurt another woman, we still need for Patrice to be found. I think about Patrice every time it rains, snows, or it's beautiful outside. I wonder when she can be returned to her family for a proper burial. My heart aches for her husband because he would do anything for Patrice and his heart is forever broken because of what's happened to her. Patrice was the second case I ever worked on. Her birthday is November 28th and she would've been 40 years old. I know that Patrice is in heaven now and she's not feeling any pain but it still hurts me to think of what happened to her. Another example of how our society needs to be more careful and strict with sex offenders. Patrice will always be special to me although we never knew eachother. I will never lose faith that she'll be found. For more information on Patrice's case, visit

Today's blog entry is dedicated as always to Carrie Culberson. The reason I do what I do today. She will be found one day.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

No Holiday For Searchers of the Missing

Today's post is something that really does not involve a particular missing person per say, but it involves the missing in general.
Today I was on the way to the mall to do the other thing that I love best - shopping, when my phone rang. I started to not answer because today was going to be a day of personal time, away from any computer or phone. I answered the phone and it was a friend of mine who heads a K9 unit. We were discussing a case but then our conversation took a different turn. The conversation was about there not being a day off from what we do. We don't not respond to phone calls, pleas for help or check the news for updates. No matter if we are at a family gathering, shopping at the mall, or out on a date, we are always thinking about something pertaining to one of these cases. Sometimes we try to turn off the computer, cell phone, or not turn on the news, but it never ends up that way. The moral of this post tonight is that there is no holiday for those of us who work on these cases, just as there is no holiday for these families who continue to wait. The families of the missing are trying to have a holiday with their hearts broken not knowing what happened. We are a different breed of people. We have to continue doing this on all days. Our theory is that the family's pain doesn't stop for a holiday, so how do we stop trying to help?
As the holidays approach, it is important for us to stay focused and enjoy some personal time with those who are special to us while still working on what we are called to do. Most of our families know what we do and they are interested, some even help us. Let us show thanks for what we have this Thursday as Thanksgiving arrives. Let us not forget those who are probably not celebrating the holiday the same as you and I are. Let's pray that no other holiday will approach for them without their loved ones.

Tonights post is dedicated always to Carrie Culberson.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Disappearance of Heather Teague

Today our blog takes a look into the disappearance of Heather Teague from Spottsville, Kentucky. I came to know Heather's case from Iva Bradley (mother of missing Amy Bradley). Heather's case is one of the most baffling cases I've seen since I began working with the missing. Heather was abducted in broad daylight on August 26, 1995 from a man-made beach (better known as the Ohio river). As the abduction was taking place, a man watching through a telescope from on the Indiana side of the Ohio river saw the whole nightmare unfold. The man would later tell authorities that he saw a man come out of the woods near where Heather lying in the sun, stick a gun to Heather's head and wisk her away. The witness would stay on the phone with the police as he came across the river in his boat to show them the exact location. A massive search was launched for Heather, but nothing turned up. Five days after Heather's abduction a composite sketch became available, as well as a tape that was turned in by a man who was recording the area that day. The man was recording crop damage when he apparently captured some important evidence in Heather's disappearance. His tape would show a Bronco that later would belong to a man that fit the composite sketch drawn. It would also show what appeared to be someone ransacking Heather's car.
Authorities would begin a focus on a man named Marvin "Marty" Dill who owned the Bronco that was seen in the area the day Heather was taken. Before authorities could close in on Dill to question him about his possible involvement in Heather's abduction, he ended his life with a single gunshot wound to his head. It appeared Heather's case had come to a close with no answers.
Unable to accept the fact that Heather was possibly gone forever, and having no answers, Heather's mother, Sarah Teague began her own search and investigation. Sarah has searched in many places that a mother should never have to look for a child.
In late 2004, a detective in Northern Ohio contacted Sarah and told her that he believes Heather's disappearance was linked to another man, Christopher Below. Below is believed to be a possible serial killer and could have been in the area the day Heather vanished. He is serving time for the disapearance of another women that he admitted to killing. Below was in a relationship with Kathern Fetzer when she decided to stop seeing him. Kathern vanished without a trace and her abandoned car was found near some railroad tracks, but never a sign of Kathern. Christopher Below told authorities that he murdered her and then disposed of her remains in a trash dumpster. He claims he cannot remember the location, so the hopes of finding Kathern's remains are very grim. Police are interested in Below for his possible involvement with Heather's disappearance because he was living in the same area where Heather lived when she vanished. Below also told authorities that one of his favorite places to go was near the Ohio river, the same place Heather was the day she vanished. After doing some of my own researching, I sent these other ladies to the police dept., and they'd take this information to begin a deeper look into the others. These ladies all were so similar in appearance, and not far apart in a circular radius.

Within a month, more names were added to the possible list. All of these ladies that authorities are taking a close look into are eerily similar in appearance. All of the ladies are within a 350 mile radius of where Christopher Below drove on his trucking route. Below are two other ladies that authorities are looking at for a possible link to Heather Teague and Kathern Fetzer.
Pictured to the left, is Alana "Laney" Gwinner. She mysteriously vanished from a bowling alley in late Dec. of 1997, two years after Heather's disappearance. Gwinner was later found dead in the Ohio river. Her murder remains unsolved and her vehicle has never been found.
For more information on about her case, visit

The next person that authorities are taking a close look at for a possible link to Christopher Below is Erica Lee Fraysure who vanished on October 1997 night in Southern Kentucky. Her abandoned car was found near some railroad tracks, but no sign of Erica. Erica was only 17 years old when she vanished. Authorities never classified Erica as a runaway because she is not the type to run off. They fear that Erica was a possible victim of foul play. Erica's mother went on the Montel show to have a meeting with Sylvia Browne and the results of that interview were not helpful at all with this search for Erica. For more information on the disappearance of Erica, please visit www.GeoCities.Com/FindEricaFraysure

There is yet one more lady that authorities believe Chris Below knows something about. She is not one of the ones I put on the list, but she's been mentioned several times in the articles concerning the missing ladies. Her name is Shaylene Farrell from Piqua, Ohio. Farrell like Kathern Fetzer and Erica Fraysure vanished without a trace and her car was found abandoned. She's been missing since 1984. Her appearance resembles the other ladies shown in this blog.

Do all these ladies have something in common with the abduction of Heather Teague? How will these families find out what really happened, and if it was Christopher Below, will he help authorities? So far, he has been uncooperative in this investigation.

In the last year, Sarah Teague gained renewed hope of this case being solved. In a horrible turn of events, on the 10th anniversary of Heather's disappearance, Sarah's neice Sueann Ray would disappear. The family is currently searching for both ladies, and do not believe that their disappearances are related. All of these ladies that were discussed tonight, have families that our group has worked closely with. Sarah Teague is one my dearest friends. She is a strong lady who wants answers for what happened to Heather. Sarah has also talked with Debra Culberson on a few occasions for advice on how she should handle certain issues. Heather vanished on August 26, 1995 and Carrie vanished on August 28, 1996. You learn more about the disappearance of Heather Teague and all the strange events and similarities by visiting her main website www.WhereIsHeatherTeague.Com

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Justice For Carlie Brucia

Late Thursday a Florida jury convicted Joseph Smith for the abduction, rape, and murder of 11 year old Carlie Brucia. Carlie was attempting to walk home from a friends house when she cut through a car wash parking lot. She could've never known a sexual predator was there. A video would capture Carlie's abduction unbeknownst to Joseph Smith.
After a massive search was lauched, while the tapes capturing Carlie's abduction were sent to NASA's photo enhancement unit.

The tapes would later identify Smith from his tattoos located on his lower arm. Aside from the tapes, Smith's own relatives told authorities that he had confessed to them that he had murdered Carlie after having rough sex with her. DNA extracted from Carlie's shirt after she was located matched semen samples from none other than Joseph Smith. Smith's defense attorney's tried to tell the jury that another man was responsible for Carlie's disappearance, but the jury did not buy it. The judge has not imposed his sentence to him. Joseph Smith is facing the possible death penalty for this crime. This is yet another senseless crime committed against a child. Florida now has a new law in place that make it more difficult for sex offenders. This law passed shortly after the disappearance and death of Jessica Lunsford. This law needs to be in place in all of our states. Let's work together to make that happen, and help keep our loved ones safe from these people who obviously do not belong in society.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No Body No Crime - Oh Really?

Today our blog takes a look at the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Her story is on some news network each night like clockwork. Her mother's determination is one that anybody who works with missing person cases could admire. One horrible fact remains.
Natalee was clearly a victim of a crime on May 30. 2005 while vacationing in Aruba. Everybody knows who is responsible but nothing is being done. The island, along with the suspect's dad all say "No body, no crime". Well of course there is no body. Paul Van Der Sloot assisted his son, and his son's two accomplices in the disposal of a deceased person. I believe these three had done this to several other young ladies on that island. Particularly women who were tourists from other places, just like Natalee.
The island should really think twice about telling others that because there is no body present that a criminal case cannot be pursued.

Joran Van Der Sloot is what American society classifies as a sexual predator. I have to wonder where he learned this deviant behavior and what kind of parent would cover-up for him? I feel that Beth Holloway Twitty will be able to get some answers for what happened to Natalee and untimately put Joran and his accomplices behind bars. I believe that Aruba will learn just as some people who remain in denial in Ohio that YES you can prove a murder without a body. Somehow I feel like the case of Natalee will not end until she is found, just like the case of our continued inspiration, Carrie Culberson whose boyfriend was convicted of her murder. It can be difficult but it can be done. God speed to that family as they push forward searching for answers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kristen Modaferri Case Revisited

Late Sunday night my phone rang and I knew who it was calling me at this crazy hour. It was one of my most favorite and dedicated people in the missing person arena, Dennis Mahon. He was calling me with another idea for one of his missing person cases. Since 1997, he has been helping the family of Kristen Modaferri who vanished while away at college in California. Dennis said that the community where Kristen's parents are from need to be reminded yet once again about Kristen. It will not be a march nor will it be a rally. It will be something that allows the community participate and see themselves making a difference later on national tv. While nothing is written in stone yet, Dennis wanted kick it around for a little while and see what we can come up with to make it worth while.
At times it's difficult to juggle a real career and find time to do what is most important to us. Dennis has told me time and time again that people either "get it or they dont". I feel like that is so true. We feel like when we take this to the community again, we will have one of two responces from the people. Either way, we have to always invent new ways to bring attention back to these cases that are several years old. Some cases never die from existance, but others fade quickly. This is why I will not mind taking one of my weekends traveling to work on this with Dennis and the Modaferri family. Today my blog revisits the case of Kristen Modaferri. For more information on this case, please visit Dennis' site www.FindKristen.Com -
As always, this blog and all the work that is being done to help those people missing is dedicated and because of Carrie Culberson. Let us not forget her and that she remains missing. I owe everything that I've accomplished and worked on because of Carrie. She was our first case and she's still our main focus. You can view many other missing person cases on Carrie's main website by going to "Others Missing". www.FindCarrieCulberson.Com

Monday, November 14, 2005

Court with Sueann Ray's Family 11-14-05

This morning I headed to pick up Sueann's dad in the hotel parking lot not knowing what to expect when we made our appearance @ the Gainesville Federal Court. Upon our arrival there were GBI agents allover the place. Security was a huge concern of mine and everybody else but it turned out to be ok. We were greeted with private investigator John Seay and Fox 5 News Atlanta. Later Quinton arrived but we were already seated when he made his appearance. After his statements were taken, he headed out into the lobby and as he headed out, he saluted Danny Jenkins, sitting next to me.

Moments later, Jenkins was out in the lobby talking with Quinton Ray. Ray told him that he wanted things to be like they used to be and wanted them to be friends again. Jenkins' responce was - Take a poloygraph and clear yourself in my daughter's disappearance. Court ended with Quinton Ray leaving the courthouse without turning over the personal items of Sueann to her father. He avoided all questions being thrown at him by the local media.
Photos Shown - Top - Artist rendered sketch of the court hearing today - Sueann's Dad - Danny Jenkins as he speaks to Fox 5 News
Pictured below - Quinton Ray as he attempts to drive away from TV cameras

We were all a little angry and upset that nothing was accomplished and we left the court house. Later Danny called me and said that Quinton had his spokesperson call him and tell him that if he will not pursue any Federal charges against him that tomorrow he can come get all of Sueann's things. I am still not 100% clear on what the final word was on that. We did make note that Quinton refused to make eye contact with Sueann's dad, or any of us. We hope that today's turn of events is indeed a step in the right direction as far as Quinton Ray and his paricipation in this ongoing search for Sueann. You may visit this link for the Fox 5 News broadcast from today.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sueann Ray - Leslie Adams & Tara Grinstead

This weekend we have been preparing for this court date on Monday, November 14th regarding the personal items of Sueann Ray that are not being returned to her family by her estranged husband. We are to arrive @ the court house at 10:30 a.m. to be escorted in by GBI. Sueann's dad, Danny Jenkins is like a family member to me and my family because we knew him prior to Sueann's disappearance due to the his sister is Heather Teague's mom (another one of my dear sweet mom's of the missing). Sadly we are all pretty close knit these days. I'm nervous for Danny and Sandy because we will have to face the man who is refusing to help us look for Sueann. I know that we can get through this no matter what because we are all strong. For more info on Sueann click HERE
This weekend we were contacted by Leslie Adams' family in Lilburn GA. Leslie has been missing since Oct 23rd. We were connected by Cindy @ AngelsMissing. A person I've never met but have to say she's a very kind person who helps a lot of these total strangers who have missing loved ones. Leslie now has a website that we created and that took a huge weight off my heart knowing that we had helped this girl and her family. I do not like to see anybody missing local and my family not help in some way. We have also put Leslie's family in touch with some other important agencies that can give them more items that we cannot offer, such as rewards etc. Visit Leslie's website here

Several people have asked us about our involvement in the Tara Grinstead case and it's been minimal. Tara has a huge community and group who is doing her website and searches. Her location is pretty far away from us here, so we have not gone to Ocilla to help. As always, we are thinking and watching Tara's case as well as all the others. Visit Tara's Site for more information on her case.

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