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Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Clues Deliberately Destroyed In Culberson Case?

As you already know, there are many parts to Carrie's case that are not posted on her website or any message forum because we do not want to take any chances on the leads being damaged or destroyed. No matter how small or insignificant they may seem, they simply cannot go live until they've been gone over and are found to be safe for publication. There are even things that I am not even aware of and I can accept that if it leads to locating Carrie.

With that being said, I go back to this past August --- August 26, 2006 to be exact. My group was in route to Ohio to join several others for the weekend to remember Carrie who would be missing on that Monday the 28th for a full decade. What I didn't know on the 26th was that something very eerie and out of place was going down just down the road from where the mystery all began. You'll want to keep reading if you've been following this case.

Fast forward to Mid day on the 28th the anniversary of Carrie's disappearance. The day we all were not looking forward to but had to prepare for. The day was spent going over the last day of Carrie's life with her mother Debra Culberson and the members of the Midwest Coalition. We drove out to the places were Carrie was last known to be seen just before Vincent Doan murdered her and hid her body along with his co-conspirators.
At the end of our tour, we ended up at a location I requested to see because of the AETV presentation "Where Is Carrie Culberson". It was the "other" barn that Doan's mother took American Justice TV producers out to and claimed that it needed to be searched but nobody would check it out. I wanted to see this location because I have a video and photo log of every point of interest in the Culberson case. As we drove closer to the location, we were SHOCKED to see that "other" barn was BURNT to the ground.

Following directly behind me, Carrie's mom and the others were looking and wondering ---- WHY was this barn burnt down and when? I can clearly remember the burnt smell nearby and the weak feeling I had come over me standing in the clearing. It was so strong I had to go back to car and sit down I was so upset. At the time I thought that my emotions were all out of control because we'd just been near the junkyard where Carrie's body was but now that these reports have come out that this barn was burnt just two days before we arrived, I believe my feeling was something more. It was a feeling of pure out evil and someone trying to stop us from ever finding Carrie.

We left the barn's location and the photos and information we had was to be given to the police department ASAP. I made no mention of it and nobody discussed it, although we found it very odd. We've waited and now, it appears that our suspicians are becoming ever so clear. Somebody is continuing to toy with the community and those who continue to quest to location Carrie Culberson. What was at the barn that made it so necessary to burn it down right before the anniversary of her 10 year disappearance? Did you know we'd be out there? Was there something that we could've found?

It appears that there is more to Carrie's disappearance than what most of us can really understand. I believe that there are some people who don't really know anything but like to think they do, and like to stir up painful memories for kicks. Then there are the ones who really know, and they like to do a little something here and there just to let some us know that they have the leverage of this whole situation.

It appears this is a very diabolical situation that only a doctor can understand. It is what it is, and why we cannot just get her back, is beyond me.

One thing is for sure. We are not ready to give up and we will find Carrie.

See related article from Channel 12 News below:

Potential Clues May Have Burned In Culberson Case

LAST UPDATE: 11/29/2006 6:24:24 PM
The murder of Carrie Culberson has been one of the Tri-State's most talked about crimes for the past decade. Culberson's abusive boyfriend, Vince Doan, is spending his life in prison for murder, even though Carrie's body has never been found. New talk about where her remains might be had detectives asking lots of questions in recent months. Then something strange happened that Local 12's Deborah Dixon tells us has cops more curious than ever. The F.B.I. helped dig up the floor of a barn in Brown County two springs ago because of information Carrie Culberson was killed and buried there. It was during this dig, that people started talking. Different people were saying the same thing. Debbie Culberson still lives in Blanchester. So, people can tell her what they hear and what they know. Recently, the information about the right barn got hot...really hot. That's exactly what Penn was doing, and people in town knew it, when something very curious happened. The barn owned by the same family as the other barn burned to the ground in the middle of the night. It was two days before the tenth anniversary of Carrie's disappearance.Wayne township responded. They determined the barn burning is suspicious. Detective Penn said a burned out barn won't keep him away. Deborah Dixon, Local 12. The Messer family filed suit against the police departments that dug up the barn floor two years ago. Since the F.B.I. was involved and the dig was ordered by a judge, the suit is not expected to go far.


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