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Saturday, November 25, 2006

When a Disappearance Causes Positive Changes

Often times when we think of a disappearance, it's surrounded by all the sad and negative aspects. We think of the pain and suffering the family goes through and we should. Having a loved one vanish is something that is very traumatic and it's very difficult to understand and accept. There's no goodbye in most cases and most of the time, there's always constant questions and many sleepless nights.

Last October 2005, Tara Grinstead vanished from her home in Ocilla, Georgia after arriving home from a night out with friends. To date her disappearance remains unsolved and there just does not seem to be any resolve to this case in sight. Numerous message forums and websites have sprung up and most of them are posts of inaccurate information and defamatory comments towards the family and aquaintances of Tara. Tara's case seems to have caused some major divides both online and in the general community where she disappeared from. It's baffling to see the way some people have presented themselves.

As an advocate of the missing, my family went down to Ocilla to aid in the search for Tara on two occasions. During that time, I became familiar with some of the people who were geniune in their search for Tara. One of those people I met was Brett Walker, who at the time was a student of Tara's at the school where she taught.

Every time I was at the command post, Brett was there, just working away. Walker and another person from that same group of youth drove the 250 plus miles from Ocilla to Cartersville, Georgia for Sueann Ray's funeral that we had in March shortly after her body was discovered. When I first met Brett, Sueann Ray was still currently missing.

As time drug on, I stayed in contact with Brett and he told me on several occasions that he felt like he needed to begin doing something for the missing and was serious about it. Shortly after he decided he wanted to help, I learned that he had enrolled in classes to become a paramedic and a K9 handler which assists in the search and recovery of missing people. His story was something I wanted to share with my viewers here on this blog. There's been so many negative things that have come out of this mystery surrounding Tara's disappearance. I felt like we needed to show something positive on how Tara has changed somebody's life in a positive way.

Below is a small interview I did with Brett Walker and with his permission, I'm going to post this for all of you to learn more about him.
We can all learn something about Tara and while she remains missing, we need to remain focused on our search for her. We need to put more positive and less negative towards this search. Fighting amongst ourselves, posting things that hold no backing, are simply unnecessary. All the energy that is misplaced, could come together and build a large team to help find her. Have a look at the information this young man gave me and how he's changed with this disappearance of Tara Grinstead.

Explain how you knew Tara Grinstead and the impact she sad on your life up until she vanished last October 2005

Brett Walker: I knew Tara Through school, and through her father and stepmom. My mom works at the same school she worked at. I knew her from her Father and My grandfather working together. She made a impact on my life, by just being herself she was a wonderful teacher, friend, and a sholder to lean on, know matter what you needed she would make sure you got it. She made learning fun, many problem students who had failed all other classes who come out on top in her's she just made learning fun!

After Tara mysteriously disappeared, what was it that made you decide to step forward to assist to help with the command center?

Brett Walker: I was actually there from night 1 helping go door to hand out filers and see if anyone knew anything assisting the command center came later. The reason i helped was because I wanted her found she was my teacher and friend and I just wanted to help get her back!
How soon after Tara’s disappearance did you realize that you’d been called to do something in the missing person field and why?

Brett Walker: Well I guess you would say i didn't realize i was called to this field I kinda FELL in so to speak. I had always been interested in K9 search and rescue and the dirctor of the Tara Center at the time got me in touch with Angie Batten from Dog South, and from then on I was hooked! I just want to help bring some peace and mind to families of missing loved ones..

Describe how Tara’s disappearance has impacted your life and do you think your life would’ve taken a different course had Tara not disappeared?

Brett Walker: In the beginning it was really hard. I still miss her and still want to find her. I feel that I probably wouldn't have taken the path in live I am taking now if she had not disappeared. I probably wouldn't have been introduced to Dog South.
What do you think Tara Grinstead would want the community of Ocilla and others to remember about her since this tragic event?
Brett Walker: Just what a wonderful person she was and how she made such an inpact on her students and anyone she came into contact with, I mean you could be all down and out and she would just bring out a smile in you.
What do you think about all the negative publicity and negativity surrounding facts, fiction that has clouded around the area of Ocilla Georgia since the disappearance of Tara?
Brett Walker: I don't really like it, I have found myself many times attempting to defend her honor when I hear something negative about her, and have corrected many people who have spreaded rumours.
Do you believe that there are some facts and material surrounding the disappearance of Tara that could help solve this case that have intentionally hid by those who have the ability to do so?
Brett Walker: Yes Definatly!
What do you hope others can learn from your deciding to take a stand for those lost and missing because of this one particular case?
Brett Walker: I used to think This can never happen in my town a small town in southern Georgia, but the truth is it can happen anywhere. I wish more people would take a stand for the missing. I am 20 years old and when i first started it was a month before my 18th birthday. Some people say I am too busy to get involved with stuff like this, when it first started I was going to high school, college, and working a monday-friday job and still found time to dedicate my life to helping find Ms. Tara.
Is there anything else that you’d like to let our blogging community know that you feel is important?
Brett Walker: Please pray for Tara, and rember rumours only hurt the search for Tara!
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