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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Return to the missing person arena

After several years on hiatus, I knew it was time for me to return to helping those who are missing and those who may have been murdered. On May 18th we had a local woman go missing by the name of Lizeth Ruby Ruiz. The circumstances of her disappearance were that she was at a local park in Gainesville, GA and she became separated from her friends when she suddenly seemed to vanish without a trace. Local police and divers began a search for Lizeth and it seemed as though only the police personnel were concerned about Lizeth's disappearance, and I believe it was due to the fact she was in the Hispanic community here in Gainesville. After a few days passed and Lizeth did not appear, I knew it was time for me to do something to help her family. It was the right thing to do. I prepared a Facebook page for Lizeth that would aid in the search for her. Lizeth's face needed to be circulated to the Gainesville, and other social media. We were delighted to find out that her mother had planned a vigil for Lizeth for the upcoming Sunday for Memorial Day weekend, which would mark nearly two weeks since Lizeth vanished, but unfortunately Lizeth's body was found by boaters in Lake Lanier a day before the vigil was set to begin.

While I am glad the family did not have go through the ordeal of the waiting months after year to find out what happened to their loved one, I am deeply saddened to find out that Lizeth is no longer among the living.

It was time for me to return to my work with helping the missing. I had taken time to deal with the death of my Dad, and other things that have happened along life's highway. This highway that always leads me back to one area, and that is helping those who are missing and murdered, and who need a voice of someone to help them not be silent any longer.

Tonight is the visitation for Lizeth's family and friends here where she lives. I am so glad to be able to be a part of Lizeth's memorial and being able to say goodbye to her in a proper way. While this is not the way we wanted it to end, we can find comfort in knowing that Lizeth's death was not due to a homicide, and she was able to be found and given a proper burial as she deserves. Join me as we remember Lizeth Ruby Ruiz who whose service will be held on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 2:00 PM in Gainesville, GA.
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