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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Revisiting the Excavation for Carrie (2 Years Later)

It was two years ago today that Carrie's memorial was to be unveiled in Blanchester, Ohio, but was delayed. Police had received a tip that Carrie's body was located underneath a pole barn and a two week excavation began. Four cadavaer dogs alerted that human remains were there. We waited patiently hoping that Carrie was about to be found. At the time, Carrie had been missing nearly eight (8) years. This was the most valid tip in a good long while. During the excavation, there were several positive things that made us believe that tomorrow it would all be over, but it wasn't.

The search ended nearly two weeks later and at 14 feet beneath the barn, a t-shirt and sock belonging to Carrie was found, along with some garbage bags. It was very strange that someone would bury these items at that level and not just burn them. Still with these items being found, Carrie's body was not recovered.

Having to go back home empty handed, Carrie's family continued to wonder, had Carrie been at that location at one time. Furthermore, where could she be now? Although we know Carrie is deceased, we know that somewhere there has to be a trace of her. It was more than anyone could deal with.

Looking back on that emotional roller coaster of two weeks, I have come to several conclusions. The first one is that the tip was called in by someone that communicates with Vincent Doan. We know that from the reports. This person obviously wanted to stop Debra Culberson from having a memorial for Carrie because it was another reminder to the Baker family and those who believe they are involved in Carrie's murder that nobody is willing to give up on this. It's basically another constant reminder of what they wish would go away.

Secondly, because of the information in the unsealed warrant, we know that Doan obviously had some knowledge regarding the events surrouding Carrie's disappearance, otherwise this person would not have given information that led to what little we found. I feel like it was just enough to send those searching for Carrie down another roller coaster of emotions, without giving her back, and to let us know, yes we have the upper hand on you all.

We will never fully understand why we are not allowed to have Carrie's body back for a proper burial. We still have many unanswered questions as to why those who are responsible cannot have a friend call in a tip that will lead us to her and this all can end. We've overcome several obstacles in trying to find Carrie, and we've never once thought about stopping our search.

Carrie's family has been luckier than some families in that they were able to find justice for those who murdered Carrie. Some families are never given back the body or given justice. Some feel we should be satisified and let it go at that, but we cannot. Carrie's body has to be found, plain and simple.

I have been ridiculed by some people for being obcessed with finding Carrie. The last four years of my life have been surrounded with thoughts and theories for what happened to Carrie and how to find her for her family. A lot of people thought I'd burn out by now and that I need to get a life for searching for a missing girl. Those who really know me, know that I'm serious as a heartattack about finding her. Some people even ask me, "what are you going to do once she is found?" I will continue to help other missing and murdered people because that is what is important to me. Carrie is the reason for every bit of my work. I made a promise to her and her family that I would not give up and I won't.

My memory goes back to the anxiousness I felt two years ago when I thought there was a chance she was finally coming home. I think that whoever continues to do this to her family is cruel and sick. Postponing Carrie's memorial was all that happened and made her mom sad when she had to spend two weeks out there near that barn. It has never stopped Debra Culberson from searching and telling others about Carrie. We never know when that day will be our day to bring Carrie home. We will just wait until it's our turn.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Event for Victims of Crime

Today I joined Sueann Ray's dad, Danny Jenkins and our 9th Judicial Circuit court for an event to remember crime victims. This week is known as National Crime Victims' Awareness week all across the US.

We felt that we needed to be a part of this event because of Sueann. The road has been so long since last August. Even after Sueann's body being located, the road has not gotten any easier. We are still anticipating a two year wait until the trial can even begin.

Sueann's dad takes every opportunity to tell others about not giving up on finding justice for their loved ones, so today was very necessary.
There were others there who have suffered a similar loss and it is amazing to me how this type of thing continues to happen. Somehow we must stop it.
My heart goes out to Danny and all others who are going to these events across the US to remember their loved ones. I wish there was some way I could reach out to all of them and take away the pain they are feeling. Although that is impossible, I know that taking a stand for the victims and their memory is a step in the right direction. Being available to offer assistance and support to those who that we know about is our main goal. Little pieces make larger pieces, and from there, we can do so much.

Sueann's husband, Quinton Ray will be in court again on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 for his formal arraignment. It has been scheduled previously but pushed back.

A reminder to all people reading this blog who may have suffered a loss.... You can stand up and make a difference. You can give your loved one and many others a voice. Don't be afraid to mess up or look stupid. The world needs to hear what you have to say. Don't keep these things hidden inside. You'll feel much better if you open up and let others learn about your situation. No person walks alone.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What Happened to John Fiocco

On Saturday, March 25, 2006, John Fiocco went to bed in his dorm according to his roommates after a night of drinking any partying. Shortly thereafter, John Fiocco vanished into thin air.
After a closer look, blood was found near a trash dumpster outside of John’s dormitory. It was believed that John may have gone through the trash chute straight into the dumpster. Further testing revealed that it was John’s blood that had spilled outside the trash bin, leaving authorities to suspect something more sinister may have happened to John on March 25th.
A massive search was launched with the New Jersey State Police searching for John in the nearby landfill. The search would go on for days with no luck. Just one day before reports stated the search was about to end for John, his body was found in the rubble.

John’s remains were badly decomposed and his identification was made from dental records. Police have not ruled John’s disappearance and death a homicide but classify it as “suspicious”.

There are many unanswered questions surrounding John’s death. Many question how he could go through a 2x2 trash chute without any assistance. Many people want to know if John was murdered and then placed in the trash, or was he alive and then crushed by the compacter? These are horrible thoughts that any family should have to think when they’ve lost a loved one like this. I believe John’s death was planned and he died as a result of foul play.

John’s autopsy is incomplete at this time. Surely the report will reveal what really happened to John and give authorities direction in their investigation.

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Authorities confirmed Wednesday that the body found in a Pennsylvania landfill has been identified as a missing college freshman from Mantua.
While noting their investigation was not complete, police said there is no evidence of foul play.
Officials confirmed that the body found Tuesday was that of John Fiocco Jr., the former Clearview Regional High School track star who disappeared exactly one month earlier from his dormitory at The College of New Jersey.
State police Superintendent Col. Rick Fuentes said there was "a voluminous amount of blood evidence" found in a dormitory trash bin early in the investigation, and Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph Bocchini cited numerous fractures to the body.
But, officials say, the circumstances are consistent with having gone through the dormitory trash system and that investigators may never fully unravel the mystery.
"There continues to be no evidence of foul play," Fuentes said at a news conference at TCNJ.
A woman answering the phone at the Fiocco home said the family would have no comment. On Tuesday, the student's uncle, Joseph Fiocco, thanked police for "bringing closure" to the case and urged anyone with information on his nephew's death to come forward.
TCNJ President Barbara Gitenstein said the entire college community was deeply saddened but that its sorrow paled to what is being experienced by Fiocco's loved ones.
"Our feelings are a mere shadow of what John's family must be feeling," Gitenstein said.
The popular athlete and graphic design major was last seen early in the morning March 25 after a night of drinking with friends. Fiocco, who lived on the fourth floor of his dormitory hall, wound up in a trash bin in the dormitory's basement, but Mercer County Prosecutor Joseph Bocchini said officials still do not know whether he went down the trash chute or got there some other way.
Injuries found during the autopsy were consistent with going through the dormitory's trash system, which moves garbage out of the Dumpster, Bocchini said. He indicated the body was still fairly intact and showed no evidence of bullet or stab wounds but said it was unknown whether fractures were sustained before or after death.
Fiocco was identified through dental records, though DNA testing will take place for final confirmation, Bocchini said.
An autopsy by the Mercer County medical examiner, which will include toxicology screening, could take four to six weeks.
The search brings to an end a painstaking 23-day search through two Bucks County landfills involving 35 law enforcement officers and troopers from New Jersey and Pennsylvania state police and other departments. With assistance from landfill owner Waste Management Inc., police and company workers went through 3,450 tons from a select area of the landfill, covering one acre to a depth of 25 feet, Fuentes said.
Fuentes said officials have talked to more than 1,000 TCNJ students and workers and have interviewed more than 150 friends, associates and family members. Authorities say they have found no "persons of interest" or suspects.
The search also covered the entire trash chute in the 10-story dormitory and Dumpsters, as well as college grounds, woods, lakes and rooftops.
Authorities sought to deflect any blame from college maintenance workers, who saw liquid at the trash bin but did not consider it suspicious until a police search later revealed blood and blood-soaked material in and around the Dumpster. By then, the trash was on its way to a Trenton compacting station, then a landfill.
Officials said it is not unusual for liquids to drip out of the trash.
The search threw the entire college into chaos, leaving students in fear and disrupted from their routines.
TCNJ junior Serena Miller, 21, of Marlton, said she is glad to have confirmation that Fiocco's body had been found so the rumors can stop. The entire situation has been unsettling, she said.
"It's really been anxious because this is like our home," she said, talking of the dining hall and reporters roaming the campus.
As unsettling as it was for the college, troopers and police were burdened by similar emotions, said Lt. William Robb, who oversaw operations at the Tullytown landfill.
"Most of us have children," Robb said. "You can't help to have compassion for the family, knowing what happened."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aruba - Book Review

Just this weekend I finally had a chance to read Aruba "The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise" I thought the book was well written and told a story that many of us have not seen nor heard about Natalee or the disgusting ways of the Aruban government.

I feel like vital clues surrounding Natalee's disappearance were tampered with from those protecting the three suspects. What many people did not realize is the hard work and searching Natalee's dad, Dave Holloway does, not just Beth. I knew Dave was invovled, but the book gives in depth information on how he spent countless hours combing sand dunes, following leads, and dealing with nut cases online who've tried to contact him with boggus information.

What I found interesting was how he takes the time to read through all of that to try to find that one clue that might bring Natalee home. I know they must receive hundreds of messages daily.

How could one senior trip turn into such a nightmare for the Holloway family? When will they finally have answers? They are like so many other families out there. They suffer and wonder every single day.

If you have not picked up Aruba yet, I recommend it, especially if you have been following the Holloway case. I think it's important to hear about having a missing child from the father's perspective. We always hear the angry mom, but it's time to hear from dad. Dave's book give us all a serious look at what dangers tourists face when leaving American soil.

I am not ready to give up on finding Natalee and neither is her family. The truth will come out in this mess eventually.

Friday, April 21, 2006

New Shake-up in Oranjestad, Aruba

Earlier this week, authorities in Aruba announced that a new person had been arrested for possible connection or knowledge in the nearly one year old Natalee Holloway disappearance mystery. Natalle vanished after visiting a local pub in Aruba (Carlos & Charlies) while vacationing in Aruba last May 30, 2005.

Van Cromvoirt was employed with a video survelliance company that supposidly handled video camera activty at the Holiday Inn where Holloway while on her trip last May to Aruba. There have been reports of a shirt found on the island that included the company's logo where Van Cromvoirt was employed. It is unclear at this time, if that shirt can be linked to the new suspect. As expected, Van Cromvoirt claims to have never met Natalee Holloway or the three original suspects.

Natalee's family has reported to the media that they remain hopeful but guarded in these new developments surrounding their daughter's disappearance. They still feel very strongly that Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpo brothers have more knowledge in Natalee's disappearance than they are revealing. The three suspects were released after being held for 90 days due insufficient evidence. Evidence that many believe that Van Der Sloots father, Paul helped the three boys dispose of in the early morning hours of June 1, 2005.

We are now 11 months into this search for Natalee and it seems that the investigation has started to fire back up again. There have been several new leads in Natalee's case within the last year but all of those leads have turned up no sign of Natalee. I am sure this is another test of Beth and Dave's patience. Both of them have gone nonstop since last year when this whole nightmare began.

Natalee's face and name have become a household name in many households across America, just like Laci Peterson, and many have the same question. "Where's Natalee?"
I know that there are so many others like Natalee who has not been given the press coverage that Natalee has had. It still doesn't change the fact that many us follow this case and worry about her just like the others. By now, it's pretty obvious that Natalee fell victim to a crime that night in Aruba. She did not leave on her own accord.

Just today, (April 20, 2006) Aruba officials have reported that the new search including underwater sonar has been called off for Natalee. Perhaps they are waiting for the information from the new suspect to lead them directly to Natalee? Maybe he does not know anything, and maybe he does? There are only so many days they can detain him, just like Van Der Sloot and the Kalpo brothers. What will happen after that? When will we finally know, and is Aruba really working on this case?

Beth Holloway-Twitty is scheduled to speak at several events for Victims Awareness Week that begins this Sunday. I am praying that she will be strong and able to carry on these obligations as these new developments continue in Aruba. I'm proud of Beth and Dave Holloway for all the things they are doing to help others. If you get a chance, pick up Dave's new book title Aruba. With the grace of God, you two will not have to wait much longer for the answer to Natalee's fate.

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Mother of girl missing in Aruba preaches safety
Friday, April 21, 2006
Karen FarkasPlain Dealer Reporter

Green -- The message on how to stay safe when traveling was familiar to most Green High School students Thursday but the messenger brought many to tears and all to a standing ovation.
"I can't save Natalee," said Beth Holloway Twitty, whose daughter disappeared almost 11 months ago while on a trip to Aruba. "It's too late for me, too late for Natalee, but it's not too late for you."
Twitty, who became nationally known as she led the search for her missing daughter, is traveling the country to promote her new nonprofit organization, the International Safe Travels Organization.

Natalee Holloway, 18, disappeared May 30, days after she graduated from high school near Birmingham, Ala. She was on a school-sponsored senior trip. She was last seen getting into a car with three men after spending an evening at a bar with friends.
"She never saw this coming and was blindsided," Twitty said. "Natalee had a false sense of security. She was among many friends and let her guard down for just a moment. In that moment, she vanished."
The three men were arrested and later released, although Twitty still considers one a major suspect. Last weekend, police arrested a fourth man, a 19-year-old, and continued to search offshore.
Twitty said the man in custody was not anyone the family discussed as a suspect with officers. She said she doesn't know if charges will be filed.
"Natalee was kidnapped, raped and most likely murdered," she said. "What happened to her could happen to anyone in this room."
Her presentation Thursday afternoon, which was also scheduled for last night and today at the University of Akron, Portage Lakes Career Center and Coventry High School, began with a moving video tribute to Natalee. The 600 juniors and seniors were silent as Twitty walked across the darkened stage, lighted by a spotlight.
She gave a synopsis of events, describing her frustration as she dealt with Aruba officials. She spoke of her problems coping with language barriers, Dutch law, the inability to get search warrants and officials' denial of how officials denied -RD%>the existence of crack houses and brothels. She searched many of them for Natalee, she said.
She said youths need a safety plan wherever they are and they have to watch out for themselves. They should carry cell phones and, if out of the country, make sure they can make international calls, which she regrets not arranging for Natalee, who left her phone in her room.
"Whether in a mall or outside the U.S., you're the only one who can save yourself," she said. "The best way I can honor Natalee is to share this information."
A Web site is under construction,, and will include information for students and parents on more than two dozen popular tourist destinations.
"For the past 11 months I've been living every parent's worst nightmare," she said. "I don't know what happened, where she is or if she's alive. It doesn't look good."

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First Phase of Justice for Janet March?

On August 16, 1996 Janet March disappeared without a trace. Her husband, prominent attorney, Perry March told her parents and police that he and Janet had a heated discussion and she decided to leave and take a small vacation. Days later Janet's car was found in a nearby apartment complex abandoned. It appeared that Janet may not have taken the vacation her husband claimed. Finding an abandoned car was not enough for an arrest, and afterall, there was no proof that Janet was even dead.
Circumstantial evidence would surface later that Janet may not have left on her own accord and maybe Perry March was not telling everything he knew. Birthday invitations had been sent out for Janet and Perry's son for his upcoming birthday. The birthday party unbeknownst to Perry was set for one day before he claimed Janet told him she'd return from her trip. Janet would never miss her son's birthday that she'd been planning for months.

Years would pass and Perry would move to Mexico to be with his father (so he claimed). Perry March married another woman and began to move on with his life as if he somehow knew Janet would never return.
Nearly nine years later Perry March was charged with conspiracy to commit murder against his ex-inlaws, as well as murdering his wife. Next would be the tedious process of extradicting him back to the United States. Mexico sent him back to Tennessee to face his charges and he has remained there.
In a stunning turn of events, Perry March's own father, Arthur March testified (in order to avoid jail time for his role in the conspiracy charges) that his son beat Janet March on the night of August 16, 1996 with a wrench killing her. He claimed that he assisted Perry in disposing of Janet's body. Authorities believe there is some truth to his allegations and have conducted searches where he claims they buried Janet. To date, Janet March's body has never been recovered.
In a separate trial just today (April 19, 2006), a jury found Perry March GUILTY for stealing money from his in-laws, which that some believe prompted Janet's disappearance. The instance with the stolen money happened less than two weeks before Janet vanished.
His murder trial is still pending. I believe that justice is on the horizon for Janet March and I also believe that her body will be found soon. My thoughts are with her parents, and two children who have never given up on finding her and bringing Perry March to justice. All people reading this blog please keep Janet March's family in your thoughts and prayers as they move into the next tedious trial. It's been a long road for them.

From News Channel 5 Tennessee

The jury found Perry March guilty Wednesday in his first trial, in which he was accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his former in-laws.
It took the jury less than 45 minutes to reach a verdict. Sentencing will take place on June 22 at 9 a.m.

The jury foreman said March was found guilty of theft in “the value of more than $10,000 but less than $60,000.”

The jury began deliberating Wednesday afternoon in Perry March's first trial. The trial went by faster than experts expected.

Wednesday was the second day of testimony in the theft case against Perry March. His former father-in-law, Lawrence Levine, testified for the prosecution.

March was married to Levine's daughter, Janet, and March worked for Levine's law firm until Janet disappeared in 1996. Perry March was accused of stealing $23,000 from the Levine Law firm.

Lawrence Levine spent more than two hours on the stand testifying about his relationship with Perry in his law firm and as a son-in-law. He explained that he helped Perry during his time in law school. He also said that he and his wife gave Perry and Janet money more than once, and that he even helped get Arthur March’s home out of foreclosure.

“I helped both him and members of his family. There is a provision in the United States Internal Revenue code that said you can go ahead and give a gift of $10,000 per year, per beneficiary. Carolyn would give Perry $10,000 a year, and Janet $10,000 a year, and Mark (Janet's brother) $10,000 a year,” He went on to explain, “And I would give Perry $10, 000 a year, Janet $10,000 a year, and of course Mark, $10,000 a year. In addition to that we helped out Perry’s father who had his house foreclosed. We bought the house out of foreclosure,” said Lawrence Levine.

Levine said that he was aware his daughter and Mr. March were having marital problems. He said they would argue, often coming to his wife Carolyn as a mediator.

Around the same time the Janet disappeared, Lawrence Levine said Perry came to explaining he needed money to start his own law firm.

“Within a week before Janet was gone, Perry said he wanted to go ahead and start his own law practice and he wanted to come and discuss money with Carolyn and I. And I said when do you and Janet want to come? And he said no he didn’t want to come with Janet. And I said, well every major decision I’ve ever made in the 40 -- well then it was 30 years -- that I’ve been married, about money, has been made with Carolyn,” Levine said.

He went on to explain that he didn’t want to talk about money with Perry without Janet being there, but he said Perry really wanted to come over, so they agreed.

Levine said Perry presented he and his wife with a list of expenses that totaled $30,000. Levine said Perry never asked them for the money, but after showing them the expenses he said he would take the money out of his pension plan. Even though he didn't ask them for the money, Carolyn thought he wanted to borrow the money from them. Levine said they were not willing to loan him the money in this instance.

Levine also told the jury that Janet March had decided she could no longer live with Perry and asked her father for a list of divorce attorneys. He said he gave her the list and made an appointment for her, but before she could meet with the attorney, she went missing.

Levine was called to the stand, in part, to refute what Perry said, in a deposition that was taken back in 1996. Part of that deposition was played for the jury.

In the deposition, Perry said he did not recall taking money from clients that was intended for the law firm after he left the law firm back in September of 1996. Then he said Levine gave him permission to take some of the money, but on the stand, Levine said that was not the case.

Stay tuned to NewsChannel 5, NewsChannel 5+ and for more on this trial and the next two trials Perry March faces.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Day Lorne Boulet Was Found

This past Sunday was Easter at our house, as it was all across the world. Our family was relaxing and doing nothing special, when my phone rang. Looking at caller id, I knew it was Aunt Wease calling. It was strange that she'd be calling on Easter, but I'm always glad to talk to her because we joke about the way I pronounce dog and the way they say it in New Hampshire :)

Today's call was different, and I could tell something was wrong. It seemed unreal to me when she told me that Lorne had been found. She told me that someone discovered him on Good Friday near Interstate 93, less than 25 minutes from where he was last seen on July 29, 2001. I didn't know what to say to her to help take away the pain she was feeling.

When I first came into the arena of assisting others who are missing, besides Carrie, I didn't know many people and my knowledge was small of the way things work. Some people at the time, I thought were good people but turned out not to be. I felt sad and frustrated. I will always remember how Louise called me on Saturday night and explained to me a few things about the situation and life in general. Just like she did with her nephew Lorne, she took time to understand and help me through my troubles. She never gave up on me, nor did she ever give up on Lorne when he was sick and when he became missing. It was that positive reinforcement that gave me strength to stand and continue helping others. I know that her strength helped Lorne after he became ill. I also feel like that it was meant for me to learn about Lorne, through the only person who could really tell me the real story of his life, Louise.

Lorne's disappearance jolted Lorne's family, and especially his aunt Louise out of their everday normal life into a very unpleasant place. No parent or relative should ever have to go through the personal hell Lorne's family suffered. Suffering her own loss of Lorne being missing, aunt Wease has traveled to several missing person conferences, telling Lorne's story, and circulating others. Never refusing to give up hope that Lorne was out there somewhere and he would return. (pictured left - Louise Holmburg)

I believe that Lorne crossed from earth to heaven where he now smiles down on Louise and although she may not realize it, giving her strength to educate others. Although no words can express the pain and sorrow I feel for Lorne's family, I know that losing Lorne was not in vain. There are many sad hearts out there, who felt better after meeting and speaking with Lorne's family. Although I only knew Lorne through her stories and photographs, he will live on in my heart and memory always.

God was ready to bring Lorne home and that he did.

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I-93 remains identified as Chichester man

Monday, April 17, 2006

Preparations for National Crime Victims' Rights Week

Next week kicks off a very important week for my group because it is National Crime Victims' Rights Week. It runs from April 23 - April 29th. For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to a violent crime, or you are a advocate, this week has a lot of meaning.
All across the United States there will be vigils, balloon releases, and other events to remember the victims. Since we lost Sueann last August, my advocacy for victims' rights have increased locally. I feel like we need to start local and branch out to begin making a difference.

We are scheduled to attend the ceremony in North East Georgia that includes all the Northeast Georgia District Attorney's Offices, as well as families of those lost. There are too many loved ones being taken away due to unnecessary violence. Although they are no longer living, their memory never dies. I am honored to be attending this ceremony.

In the last year, I have tried to branch further out from only assisting the missing, but to work with the murder victims as well. Our group has tried to focus from the beginning to bring more awareness to those who are eventually found and have been victimized. Often the media has moved onto the next disappearance mystery, when the victim's family is still left to suffer the loss.

We wish to leave no person forgotten, missing or murdered. Each individual is important, no matter the circumstance of their case. I invite you to become more aware of services for those who have fallen victim to a violent crime. Your voice counts! If you wish to become more involved with this ongoing epidemic, there is one specific organization that I recommend to anyone - Parents of Murdered Children. They have a National Conference coming up in August. There's something for all advocates, families, and law enforcement to learn there. Please review the link below for more information.

In support of all those missing and murdered people.

Horizontal banner for National Crime Victims' Rights Week April 23-29, 2006, showing this year’s theme: Victims’ Rights Strength in Unity, illustrated by an image of tight group of hands holding candles toward the center to form a single, strong flame. Sponsored by OVC.

Parents of Murdered Children

Friday, April 14, 2006

Arraignment Pushed Back Again for Sueann's Murderer

Wednesday, I appeared in court with Sueann's dad, private investigator, John Seay and some others for what we thought was Quinton Ray's formal arraigment. We learned that since his case has now become a death penalty case, they must start with the procedures allover again. This date was the first appearance. We sat there waiting an hour because the DA was having to drive from another county he's covering. I have to tell you it was difficult to sit there with all those people who to our right that we believe know more than they are telling about Sueann's murder.

Once the DA arrived, they brought Ray in and seated him right across from us. This court room was much smaller than the other one so it was ten times worse. Sitting there patting his foot, the judge informed him of the court's proceedings. He started answering "yes ma'am - no ma'am".

Quinton Ray now has two attorney's representing him who specialize in death penalty cases. We had the joy of hearing them stand up and advise the court of their credentials and how Quinton Ray was being violated because he was having to appear in court wearing a jumpsuit and handcuffs. It was almost more than I could take. I wanted to stand up and yell, "WHERE WAS SUEANN'S DEFENSE ON AUGUST 26, 2005"???????????????????

After what seemed to be an hour of rubbish the judge set the formal arraigment for September 20th, to give the new attorney's time to review the over 9,000 page case, which includes the Wal-mart parking lot tapes.

Leaving the court room we were bombarted with news reporters asking question after question. I took one of the interviews at the request of Sueann's dad and I told them straight up what I felt about the case. You can read that whole article below. I'm tired and I'm ready for justice on this situation. Saturday marks two years since Patrice was abducted and murdered. Her killer has not been brought to justice. Sometimes it gets very frustrating!

Cherokee Tribune Article:

By Angela M. Jones Cherokee Tribune Staff Writer

The estranged husband of murdered Woodstock mom Sueann Ray on Wednesday made his first appearance in court since learning he would face the death penalty if convicted.Quinton Ray, 27, of Jasper appeared in Pickens County Superior Court represented by a new attorney, Douglas Ramseur of the Georgia Capital Defender's Office in Atlanta. Ramseur, who has more than 10 years of experience trying capital cases, is replacing the public defender who was representing Ray.Wearing an orange-and-white prison jumpsuit, handcuffed and shackled, Ray respectfully answered "Yes, ma'am," and "No, ma'am," when Judge Brenda Weaver asked if he was satisfied with his attorney's representation of him, and if he had any questions about the unified appeal process. Ray was indicted Feb. 20 and charged with the murder of his estranged 26-year-old wife, Ms. Ray, who was last seen Aug. 26, when she went to his home.She was reported missing by her family three days later and that night her Ford Windstar minivan was found abandoned in the Canton Wal-Mart Supercenter parking lot.GBI agents discovered Ms. Ray's body Feb. 8 in a shallow grave just of Cherokee Gold Trail in northern Cherokee County shortly after 8 a.m. near the home of Ray's parents.Ray was arrested an hour later and charged with her murder. He also faces charges of kidnapping, concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence.Judge Weaver set Ray's arraignment for 3 p.m. Sept. 20, a compromise between the defense's request it be delayed for five to six months, and District Attorney Joe Hendricks's opinion such a delay would unnecessarily bog down the trial process."While we certainly want to ensure that the defendant has every opportunity to a fair trial, at the same time, we intend to proceed with the process, and take the matter to trial as soon as we are able," Judge Weaver said, after setting the arraignment date.The judge also urged the defense to review footage from Wal-Mart's security camera, as the district attorney only can keep the machine needed to view them until the end of May. She issued an order as well that all investigating agencies involved preserve all the evidence related to the case, including the officer's' rough notes of the early investigation. She reserved the right to rule on a motion by the defense requesting that Ray be allowed to appear at future hearings dressed in civilian clothes, and without shackles, deferring the request to Major Allen Wigington and the Pickens County Sheriff's Office.Family and friends of Ms. Ray attended the hearing, including her father, Danny Jenkins of Augusta, who said while it may be a long trial, he is determined to see it through until the end."We certainly want to see all of the proper processes followed in this case, because our No. 1 goal is to find justice for Sueann, however long it takes," said Jill Bennett, a friend of the Jenkins family."Still, it's hard to sit there and see the man we believe responsible for her death, because Sueann had no one there to represent her," she added. "She was judged, tried and executed all in one night, but here he is being given so many more chances than she ever received."Several members of the Ray family also attended the hearing, including an aunt and several cousins. They declined to comment on the proceedings.Ray's father, Harold Danny Ray of Ball Ground, also faces charges for allegedly aiding his son in covering up the murder and burying Ms. Ray. He was arraigned last month and is out on bond

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Unpleasant Psychic Experience With Sueann Ray Case

I have edited this post to reflect that we had two separate incidents involving a psychics regarding Sueann Ray's case. We have had more than one person advise us of material pertaining to the case, and not all of them were unpleasant. I'd like to make that known to the person who I believe sincerely tried to assist us. That previous post was too vauge and unfair to this person who may have read the material, as I believe they had sincere hopes of locating Sueann.

When Sueann Ray vanished in late August 26, 2005, her family was double devastated. Sueann vanished on the 10th anniversary of her first cousin, Heather Teague. How on earth could this happen two times in family?

Shortly after Sueann's case made national attention and her website came up, psychics appeared from everywhere. I was then asked what do you think we should do? My answer was always I dont think you should but if you want to, I support your decision - just be aware... This one particular person contacted us right off the bat and claimed they had information that could lead us to Sueann but we had to move FAST. There was no charge, we just had to sit there and listen to their information (a nice word to describe it) or she could call Sgt. King with the Woodstock Police. In her report she had a series of about 40 words she'd put together and we were to figure out how they were linked to Sueann. She then went on to tell us that Sueann was dead and that she sustained a horrible attack from her estranged husband before she died. Going into detail, describing how he'd raped Sueann, kicked her and punched her, it was more than one person could take. She then went on to tell us how Sueann and told her from the other side how bad her leg and back was hurting. I felt by blood boiling. If Sueann could tell her that, why couldn't she tell us where she was?

Driving down the road searching for Sueann on countless occasions, all we could mentally picture was Sueann being helpless, injured and then ultimately murdered. What IF it was true. Were we moving too slow, or was it already too late?
It gets worse.

A few months into Sueann's disappearance, we couldn't take it anymore. We told the psychics contacting us, "if you are real, tell me the exact location of Sueann's body and the winning lottery numbers". Getting no responce to the second question, we were told that if we'd pay one of individuals way to Georgia then they could pinpoint her location. The family put them on a plane to Georgia and here's what happened....

The two separate visits did not uncover any valuable information, leaving us not only frustrated but angry that we had tried to take this route.

Little did we know that in less than one week Georgia Bureau of Investigation cracked Sueann's case wide open. They found our Sueann on property adjoining her estranged husband's property. The information regarding Sueann's abuse and disappearance had been televised and posted allover the Internet. These people took that information and added to it, victimized the family and angered me as the advocate helping the family.

I later saw a few reports where this person gone back home and told others that they'd cracked Sueann's case and this was not true, therefore we had to show this to the media people and others who'd heard that ridiculous claim. Police found Sueann, NOT psychics.

I have always tried to keep and open mind about these types of things and I've watched all of the shows that come on Court TV. I have never seen one epidsode that was clear cut - to the point. I have tried to watch Slyvia Brown as well. As some other agencies and blogs are reporting, this woman has never cracked a missing person case. What is she doing on tv? That woman needs to be taken OFF tv and put under one of those tents at the fair.

I can think of four families who have been on her show and have received no satisfaction. One mother in particular collapsed and had to be taken off the stage when Slyvia described her daughter's murder. We don't know if Erica Fraysure is "dead", she remains MISSING. She told one family she had no time to speak with them, but her son could for half price. Pretty sad if you ask me.

There's a very ugly side to losing somebody you love. It does not always lie within the facts of what may have happened to them physically, but the mental anguish their family suffers who has been left behind.

There are some states where psychics are illegal. I think families need to become aware of this problem and if they encounter a person like I'm reading online from others, you should contact your Better Business Bureau and report them. You'd need to find out where they live to file the complaint, but if they are set up shop, charging people for stuff that's false, they could get in trouble. To me they are just as guilty as the people who abduct and harm loved ones.

Tomorrow we will be back in a Pickens County Court for Quinton Ray's arraignment hearing. Sueann has been on my mind a lot in the last few days because this past Sunday (April 9, 2006) would've been her 27th birthday. We've been through thick and thin with Sueann's case. One thing remains though. Put your trust in God, and not in others. You will find the answers necessary when God is ready.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Vote for Wes Neville To Win America's Most Wanted All-Star Award

On Friday, there was information about Todd Matthews and his work with the DoeNetwork and Project Edan. Todd Matthews is not the only person who devotes his time and efforts to helping locate these lost loved ones. While there are many, there is another person that must be recognized for his hard work and determination to help find those missing. His name is Wes Neville (The Forensic Artist).

Wes Neville is the artist behind many of the age progressed photos, as well as the facial reconstruction shown on Project Edan.
Employed as a forensic artist with the Florence County Sheriff in South Carolina, he takes his gift outside of work to help others who seek answers for lost loved ones.
Having met several other artists, it seems that Neville's work is the most personal and heartfelt. It is not just a job he does everyday.

Cue Center for the Missing gave many of us the privilege to be in a class taught by Wes Neville in late March of 2006. So many people came out of his class talking about how amazed they were of his abilities and his need to help those who desperately need answers.

Wes has been nominated for the America's Most Wanted All-Star Award, and all of us here believe he deserves this award more than anyone. Often times, those who do the most work to help find these missing people are not given the recognition that is due. I think that every person who reads this blog entry should follow the link below and vote for him. You have until April 21st to vote. Let's help America learn what we've known all along. That Wes Neville goes above and beyond to make a difference for the lost. He will be the winner to all of us regardless. We need to clone him to all police departments :)

Vote for Wes HERE

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Vigil For Missing Dad - April 8, 2006

Tonight we had the vigil for Gene Stewart, who has been missing since Feb. 4, 2004. The vigil was held at a small church in Northeast Georgia. Cars filled with blue balloons (Gene's favorite color) were tagged with mini laminated fliers that later floated into the beautiful sky in hopes they'd fall where someone could help solve this two year mystery.
Gene's birthday is on Monday and we thought it was only appropriate to have a vigil for him being that he's never had one since his disappearance to remember him. His family continues to seek answers and some sort of closure.

There has been little effort to help locate Gene since he vanished from local authorities, leaving his family very frustrated and helpless. Since my group began working on his case in early Jan., a special K9 unit (K9-Sars) which includes a great lady Trace Sargent has come to Northeast Georgia to do conduct ground searches in hopes of finding some trace of Gene. Nothing has turned up so far.

We have decided that we are going to be clearing some areas in two weeks that we feel might be areas of interest. We are hoping that community will join us as we lead the search for the missing dad. As we move closer to the scheduled search, I will post that information online so that the Georgia residents who work with us on a regular basis can participate if they like. As many days pass without answers, we must find more ways to circulate Gene's case. Somehow some answers have to be found. Please take a moment to view the photos from the vigil that have been up on his site this afternoon. We won't stop looking until we find him.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Helping Identify Missing Loved Ones

Today inside my inbox a friend of mine forwarded me an article about someone who I consider a friend and wonderful person. That person was Todd Matthews that many people know of from Project Edan and the Doe Network.

His major ground breaking case was that of Barbara Taylor Hackman(a.k.a., the Tent Girl) who had been missing since 1967. Todd learned of her case many years later from his father in-law who had found her body. For some reason, Todd became obcessed with finding out the key to this mystery. He spent countless hours online working on every possible lead to help find out who she was, and it paid off. After making the connection some ten years later with authorities, and the missing woman's family, Barbara was identified. It is still unknown what exactly caused her death.

Todd didn't stop with this one case, he started to do more. He claims that The Tent Girl was his life fulfilling moment and it changed him. Most people would not waste ten years on one thing, and that's where Todd stands out from the rest of the world in my opinion. Todd is head of several websites that assist with identifying people who are missing or murdered. One of the most known sites, is Project Edan. Edan stands for "Everyone Deserves a Name".
Edan and the Doe Network have many volunteers who work to help identify missing and murdered loved ones and compliment law enforcement in solving cold cases. I do not call them volunteers, I call them angels from above.

If you get some extra time, you should visit a couple of the websites linked to Todd Matthews. His work and dedication is very obvious. If you don't know him, you should. We need to clone him so that we can have more dedicated workers in this field of helping those missing and murdered. I'm so very proud of him for all the wonderful things he has done and continues to do.
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vigil Set For Missing Hall County Man 4-8-06

This Saturday, my group will be hosting a vigil for Waymon "Gene" Stewart who disappeared from his residence on Feb. 4, 2004. I remembered Stewart's flier in the police department over a year ago but that was about it. I became more familiar with his case, when a newspaper in Northeast GA contacted me to tell me Gene's daughter was trying to find me since the large article ran in the paper about my work with the missing. As it turns out, we went to the same school for a little while about a hundred years ago. Our friendship formed immediately.

Gene Stewart's case has not been highly publicized like some cases. He had an outstanding warrant for arrest at the time of his disappearance, and struggled with alcohol abuse. He had just used every last cent of his income tax return to furnish his new trailer that sat on property where a Meth lab had been just busted a few days earlier. All his personal items, including his false teeth were still in the apartment when he vanished. Gene Stewart also had no driver's license nor car. His house sat on a desolate country road where nobody would notice a crime being committed.

His daughter fears that he may have been a victim of something more sinister. Shortly after the disappearance, Gene's residence was not processed by the police department, leaving vital information to later be destroyed by an unknown visitor who randsacked the home within days. The family believes that there is someone nearby who knows what happened to Gene Stewart and can help solve this two year old mystery. They are also upset that the police have dismissed his case as unimportant.

We are having a vigil to remember him on his birthday that will be approaching on the 10th of April. It is our hope that our vigil and the news coverage from the news stations will rekindle interest in the mystery and prompt someone to come forward.

At this time there is no reward in place for Gene. The police department told the Sund Carrington Foundation that they did not feel like a reward would help this case. They also told Gene's daughter that at some point she needs to give up and get on with her life. Do you find these statements outrageous? I do.

Part of the reason my family has taken a stand for missing and murdered people is to bring awareness to the community that all missing people are important, regardless of social status or race. We think that any family should be given the same opportunity to find answers and support as others. Saturday night, we will show everyone watching in our viewing area just how serious we are about finding this man. Somewhere there are answers and we will find them. Think about what you'd do if your dad vanished without a trace.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GBI Takes Over Patrice Endres Murder Case

Just yesterday, I received a call from Patrice's husband telling me that now GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) has taken over Patrice's case. As many of you will remember, Patrice was my second missing person case ever. She was abducted from her privated owned and operated hair salon on Thursday, April 15, 2004. She was missing for 600 days when her body was found by accident behind a church less than eight miles from where she was abducted.
Months before she was found, authorities believed suspected serial killer, Jeremy Jones was the person responsible. Since that time, they are not sure.
GBI has taken the case and has their people working hard to find who did this to Patrice. In less than a week, that dreadful day will arrive again - April 15th. A day that her husband will never forget. It was a day that he claims destroyed his life.

Aside from the fact that GBI has taken over the investigation, the reward for Patrice's killer has been increased to $20,000 with a renewed $5,000 from the Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation. Someone knows what happened to Patrice and it's not enough that she's been found, we need her killer put behind bars.

There will be no vigils or special events for Patrice on April 15th. Her husband wants to have a quiet day alone to reflect on that day's tragic turn of events. Her website will be having a rememberance for her and you can log on to see that. We have updated Patrice's website to reflect the reward increase and to bring those others back who used to visit so faithfully until she was found. Patrice still needs you all. She needs you to find her killer. Let us remember Patrice Tamber Endres and find justice for Forsyth County's best hairdresser.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Scott Peterson's Family Offers Reward for Real Killer of Laci

As everyone will recall, a very pregnant Laci Peterson vanished on Christmas Eve of 2002. The media was allover her case and shortly after her disappearance, eyes began to turn towards her loving husband, Scott. His concerns over his wife's disappearance seemed to be non-existant. Still at the time, that was not enough to make an arrest, and Laci was only "MISSING". As I've stated previously, I thought Peterson may just be an arrogant a-hole in the initial phases of Laci's disappearance but later, I had no doubt he murdered her.
The shadow of doubt fell hard when Amber Frey came forward and claimed she'd been seeing Peterson and he told he'd lost his wife and child even before Laci became missing. What was even more evident was when the wire tap tapes rolled in court. There's no need for me to repeat the whole case in this blog, because most of you are all too familar with Laci's senseless murder and her unforgettable smile.

Which brings me to today's blog entry topic. What on God's green earth is Jackie and Lee Peterson thinking putting up a new reward for Laci's real killer? Laci's killer is behind bars unless you are one of the 10 fan club women who support Scott because you consider him too "nice looking" to commit a murder. The fact here is that no parent wants to believe their child is capable of a heinous crime. Especially when they've raised the child in a loving home. Our parents always think we are wonderful, no matter what. That's why they are called "parents".
Although some people will argue that Peterson's case was based on "circumstantial" evidence, I share in the same theory as the jury that Peterson planned to kill Laci and that plan may have been in the back of his mind for quite some time before he carried out the act. I don't necessarily think that Amber Frey is the reason he murdered Laci. I think the need to be single and to have no responsibilities as a father is what drove him.

Peterson has been sitting on death row now for a year. I'd imagine he wants out of that place pretty bad. The one thing that he probably will never realize is that he's there for murdering his wife and unborn child, and that there's no place for people like that in regular society. Peterson is one of several men who have murdered their spouse. He's also been classified as a sociopath. That means that the understanding you and I have of his actions are not the same to him. He believes he did nothing wrong. I have another word for him, but children may be reading this blog.
As for his parents, I'm sorry that they are having to be put through this because of their son's actions, however they need to wake up and smell the coffee. There will never be a brown van with robbers pull up and be the one who murdered Laci and dumped her body in the bay. It'll be the man you see to your top left who went out on the bay with those weights and came back home later on Christmas Eve.
We are all entitled to one good joke per day. I suppose this is the one for today?

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Monday, April 03, 2006

What Does Marcus Harper Know?

Every since Tara Grinstead became missing and our family got involved with the searches and talked with others working the case, something has always bothered me. Whoever abducted Tara that night was someone who felt comfortable with that area, and if they were seen in or around that house, it would not appear "odd".
I'm having some trouble with the fact that Tara's ex-boyfriend, Marcus Harper has been showing no concern over her disappearance. Going as far as to be seen with officers on the police force, high fiving them once access was denied to property that was needing to be searched earlier in March. Why is that?

His attitude and facial expressions remind me all too much of Sueann Ray's now accused killer. Search after search, has turned up nothing and I think I know why. The one area that might lead authorities to Tara, has been denied! Again, why? If there is nothing to hide, then why can't it be searched. Furthermore, why can't macho man Marcus assist them in the searches?

There's also been some threats made against a man I consider a friend, Dr. Maurice Godwin who has been in Ocilla to help find Tara. The week he was in Ocilla, he received a death threat from an unknown caller. How funny is going to be when he uncovered the missing link that finds Tara and put those responsible in jail.
When does it become ok to get angry at someone and decide to abduct them and possibly murder them? When does it become ok to allow a criminal to walk free on the streets who is more than likely involved? I think Marcus Harper knows where Tara Grinstead is.
For some reason, although feelings of anger and sadness filled my mind last week when we sat in court with the man we believe murdered Sueann, who vanished similar to Tara. Somehow it gives me some sort of satisfaction to see him have to walk into that court room with his hands and feet shackled. It'll be the same feeling for me when they finally arrest this arrogant a - hole Marcus Harper. I also have full faith in our GBI now that I've learned the extent of their undercover investigation into Sueann's disappearance. They are involved with Tara's and I'm sure she'll be found soon.
I've had Tara on my mind today since receiving an email from her sister early this morning. Anita, we will find her! We are not giving up.

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The thoughts and comments contained inside this blog are my opinions only. All "suspects" are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. As with all cases, the truth will come out. I'll be waiting along with many others.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Teresa Halbach Murder Mystery

On Halloween night of 2005, Teresa Halbach disappeared. Three days later, after no contact with Teresa, her family reported her missing. It is known that earlier that day she was out taking photographs for her part time job, Autotrader. One of the places she visited that particular day was the auto salvage yard belonging to Steven Avery.
Avery had served some time in prison for a rape that later DNA exhonerated him for. He had been out of jail for two years when his path crossed with Teresa Halbach.
As the massive searches would later begin for the missing photographer, suspicion would start to fall on Steven Avery once Teresa's car was found on his property. Avery claimed that the police were out to get him because they believed he did commit the brutal rape many years earlier and because he'd filed a civil suit against the DA's office for wrongful imprisonment. It would be just a few days until the once proven innocent man was arrested again, but this time for a more sinister crime.

In a closer look on Avery's property authorities would find a burn pit where it appeared there was bone fragments of a young woman. Later analysis would prove that those bones were indeed those of Teresa Halbach, but that was not all. It was apparent that Teresa had suffered a brutal attack.
Months later authorities released in a press conference that there was another person involved in the murder of Teresa. Shockingly it was a 16 year old nephew of Steven Avery. The boy claimed that Avery brought him into his house to where he had Teresa's hands and feet shackled. He instructed him to sexually assault Teresa. After the assault, the young man claimed Avery told him "good job". Begging for her life, Steven Avery walked over with a butcher knife and stabbed Teresa in the stomach. Still not dead from the stab wound, Avery instructed his nephew to cut Theresa's throat. Teresa was still alive when she was then transported to the garage where she was shot several more times when she finally died.
Avery claims he is innocent of all charges that have been filed against him, although his blood was found in Teresa's car, her blood in his house, her keys, and some other items.
With this new disgusting information against Avery, many are beginning to wonder if he was indeed the right man who committed the rape years earlier. One would think that if they'd been released from prison that the last thing they'd want to do is commit a henious crime that might send them back to the personal hell they just emerged from.
The trial is pending against Steven Avery. One thing that bothers me a lot about this, is the fact that there is no death penalty in the State of Wisconsin. Maybe it's time for some laws to be changed?

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