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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Visiting Sueann's Temporary Resting Place

On Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, I met with Sueann's family, and the film crew to visit Sueann's gravesite before we headed to a Pickens County court. Several of us walked through the damp and muddy woods searching for the site. We found an area that appeared to be easy to walk up and headed in that direction. A little ahead of me was Sueann's sister, Sandy. Sandy found the uncovered mound of dirt where her sister had been hidden for 164 long days. The rest of us came in behind her. As everyone gathered, a silence fell across the woods like nothing I've ever witnessed before. I felt a cold tear fall down my cheek and I knew I was supposed to be filming this for the family but I froze up and couldn't move my hands. A few minutes of silence, Sueann's dad informed me couldnt take it any longer and was heading back to the road to join the others. He told me to take some photos and that I did.
It was very difficult for me to look at the small grave that had been dug to conceal Sueann. A rush of emotions ran through me the whole time we were there and leaving.
After the visit to the grave site, we had to prepare ourselves to see the two that are believed responsible for putting Sueann in such a horrible place. First Quinton walked into the court room, walking past all of us without acknowledging our presence. The gag order his court appointed attorney requested did not happen. Instead the judge informed all law enforcement officials and others to not discuss the case to the media. Next Quinton's father, Harold D. Ray entered the court room for his bond hearing. He has been charged for helping Quinton dispose of Sueann on August 26, 2005 and then assisting his son in parking her car in the Wal-mart parking lot in the hours thereafter. The judge granted him a $60,000 bond. Aside from the bond that was set, Harold Ray is not to have any contact with any of Sueann's family, and he must wear a GPS device to name a few of the bond stipulations.
We were not happy that he was given a bond but the judge imposed what is within the law in Georgia.
We will be saying goodbye to Sueann next Friday, March 3rd. This will be a difficult day for sure. We can only find peace in knowing that Sueann's whereabouts were revealed as the bible verse Matthew 10:26 stated. Now, we will trust in God that those who did this to her will be punished accordingly.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Sueann's Funeral Postponed

Late last night we all came to the realization that Sueann's funeral could not happen on the scheduled 23rd. Sueann's body has not been released from the GBI crime lab and with the fact her family is requesting a private autopsy, Sueann could not be laid to rest next week.
Today was tough for me because this morning I was scheduled to take this booklet I've worked all week on the family to have it printed. They decided that Sueann's funeral booklet needed special pictures and poems. I was delighted to help create it. Also today around noon, the mailman delivered the poster sized photos Sueann's dad had me order of Sueann. As I was opening the pictures, I felt a wave of sadness come over me. There was sweet Sueann smiling at me, but she was only a picture, not really there. Another person loved by so many, taken away by jealousy and rage.
In some ways I'm glad that Sueann's funeral has been postponed because this will give us more time to make the event even more special and memorable. We are still throwing around the idea of having a gathering after the funeral to celebrate Sueann's life. It will be hard to be happy in the middle of being so sad. If there is one thing I could be grateful for in all of this. It's the fact that God revealed Sueann's location to everyone and she was able to be brought home. There is no more wondering or waiting. Although the truth is painful, she is home.
With God, all things are possible. He brought Sueann and Patrice home. He will bring others home as well.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gil Alba Uses Culberson Case to Educate Others

Many people remember Gil Alba from the Dateline presentation that came out a while back regarding the disappearances of Anna Scivetti and Kristine Kupka. At the end of the Dateline presentation, Gil Alba was shown teaching one of his classes and he used the Carrie Culberson case to show his students that a conviction can be found without a body. Gil Alba also heads a high profile private investigation service called Alba Investigations. He has been on many shows, including CNN, Dateline and Court TV.
Gil and I have recently been talking back and forth via email about various cases that have been successful in court when the body was not present. He thinks it is very important to find these cases to use as examples for those who do not believe that these cases exist.
I sent Cue Center an email today to let them know that Gil does classes and speeches. He has since been added to the list to attend the Missing Person Round Table Conference @ the end of March. This is something that I am surely looking forward to.
If possible, please tune into Dateline MSNBC for a reair of the show featuring Alba Investigations, and the missing ladies. The show will be airing Saturday, February 25, 2006,8:00 pm, later at 1:00 am, and Sunday at 2:00 am

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Patricia Viola - Missing Today for Five Years

It was five years ago today that Patricia Viola vanished after leaving her house. She did not act as if anything was wrong on this day so her disappearance has baffled her family from the beginning.
It is known that Patricia had a seizure disorder that requires two types of medication and she did not take those with her on the day of her disappearance. She also did not take her identification or any credit cards either.
Patricia left behind a loving husband and two children. Surely there is someone out there who knows what happened to Patricia.

As part of my entry today for Patricia Viola, I want everyone to know all the hard work her husband Jim has done for others since his wife vanished. He has stepped forward to help work on things to help missing people. I cannot name all the wonderful items he's made for some of my missing ladies. He's always working on something. His attitude is always positive and helpful to others.

There has to be some clear cut answers as to what happened to Patricia on that fateful day. My thoughts are with her family tonight as they have her vigil in Bogota, NJ. If you have some extra time today, please visit Patricia's website created by her huband Jim. Take a look at Patricia's case and forward it to all of your friends and aquaintances. Jim is a dear friend of mine and I want everyone to learn more about Patricia's case. She has to be found soon and brought home.

Pat Viola Missing

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Sueann

We have been working to help get ready for Sueann's upcoming funeral. She still has not been released from GBI in Atlanta. Quinton Ray remains behind bars with no bond for her murder. We still do not feel any relief. The down time when we are not working on something is difficult. Thinking about Sueann and what happened is terrible.
Once everyone arrives in Georgia, we are all going to go to where Sueann rested for five long months. I am dreading this day with all my might because that wave of sickness is going to hit me again just like it did that day we drove down that road where I know she was now. We went by several times but how could we know? I still have not gone to the church yard where Patrice was found. The days we've planned to go, something has come up to change the plans.
Several people have asked me just how far away the location was away from the Ray property. I do not know the exact address or location because I have not been up there yet. We can say - adjoining property. We have talked about moving the cross that was placed at the Wal-mart parking lot to the makeshift burial but I dont know if we will be allowed to do that. This is very hard for me to think about. It's been a struggle for me to even gather Sueann's pictures for her memorial. This is part of the process I must learn to deal with but at times you become so personally involved with these cases, it's just difficult.
One important thing that I need to pass along is that Sueann's dad requests in lieu of flowers for Sueann, to please donate to the fund that has been set up for her daughter Charity. That information is as follows:

Charity Danielle Ray Education Fund
c/o Bank of America
you may donate @ any Bank of America location

We also have the location information for Sueann's funeral but no exact date yet. We had thought about the 22nd of Feb. but due to the fact Quinton has another hearing on that date, we will have to change that time. We cannot but an event this important with his hearing. The church location information is below:

Date pending - GBI release of Sueann Ray
Visitation for Sueann will be held @ the Owens Funeral Home in Cartersville, GA. The funeral will be held @ 1st Baptist Church in Holly Springs.

Please keep Sueann and her family close in your prayers. This is a very difficult time for all of them and those of us who have gotten so close to her family as we searched.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Husband of Murder Victim Appears in Court

Today in a Pickens County courtroom, Quinton Ray appeared before the judge to face charges. Those charges were that he murdered his wife, Sueann Ray last August 26, 2005. The appearance was delayed from the scheduled 9:30 a.m. because of bad weather. He seemed to be a lot more low key than the last few times we've seen him. I think he realizes now that he's in a lot of trouble.
Most of us have not had a good day today. The reality of finding Sueann although we knew she was gone is hard. We dont understand why the fear of losing Sueann was necessary to murder her and then haul her away like that.
I've met Quinton Ray on at least three occasions and his demeanor was a man who had some obvious issues. I have to wonder today as he answered to the charges with his head down, did he finally understand what he had done to Sueann? Did he finally realize what his child is dealing with now knowing that her mother will never return home, and that her father killed her? I just dont know.
Quinton Ray remains in custody tonight in a Pickens County jail. He will be having another court appearance on Feb. 22nd of this month. At that time, he will be formally indicted for Sueann's murder. We are still not sure if more charges will follow for others in his family believed to have assisted with the disposal of Sueann. (pictured below: Danny Jenkins holding Sueann's photo)

Many people have referred to Sueann's case as very similar to that of Carrie Culberson. A young woman with a life ahead of her, seeing a man who became out of control with rage and jealousy until it spiraled out of control. Then the mistake that would forever change his life when he chose to call for help to help hide what went wrong. The truth that comes to the surface and the pain that is left behind for those who loved the women murdered. Probably a secret that replays over and over again inside his mind at times when he's alone.

We will never be able to get Sueann back. We will only have her memory. It will be very hard for me to walk into the room where Sueann's remains will be. Strange for me to be there with the one we looked so hard to find but never knew on a personal level. I will say goodbye to the person that my family only knew from photos and talks we've had with her family as we searched.
As this chapter begins to close on yet another one, I remember all the others that we continue to wait for that call that could come in any day that says they are home. As I've said many times before. You can prepare for that moment for months and years, but when it comes, it's very difficult.
For more in depth information about Sueann's case and it's developments, please visit her website. At times, it's updated every 30 minutes when necessary.

Find Sueann Ray

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sueann Ray Has Been FOUND

Today started off as a normal day. I was working when my work phone rang. It was Sueann's dad, Danny Jenkins calling as he does many days. Today the tone of his voice was different when I answered. After he asked me what I was doing, he then said "well, it's over". He was referring to the search for Sueann Ray, his daughter who has been missing since Friday, August 26, 2005. At the time Danny Jenkins called the first time, all we knew was that Quinton Ray had been arrested for murder. We were unaware that Sueann's body had been found as dawn approached this morning in Cherokee Couny, just miles from where she vanished. That news came within 15 minutes.
Cold as ice from the news, I could not believe Sueann was found. I always felt as if she would be found, but I didn't expect it to be this soon. Just last week we learned that Sueann's brother-in-law, Shannon Ray had been arrested for a probation violation. I felt in the back of my mind that his arrest was part of a larger plan with the police but I had nothing to back up those thoughts. It was left at that. There have been so many ups and downs to this case since it began, we have all learned to not get our hopes up. (pictured below - GBI agents working the area where Sueann Ray was buried)
Tomorrow a custody hearing was scheduled for Sueann's six year old daughter in Cherokee County. A hearing that I believe will be canceled due to the new developments in Sueann's case. It has been a roller coaster of emotions today with callers showing concern and sympathy.

The last 164 days have been difficult for Sueann's dad and her aunt Sarah Teague, mother of missing Heather Teague. I've become very close to this family since Sueann vanished, as well as many of those working on the case. It's unthinkable that two relatives could vanish from the same family on the same date. We often talk two or three times a day but today, it was hard to find the right words for what we've planned we would do when that word came.

Some news reports have come out claiming that these two women who came to GA last weekend are what led authorities to Sueann's body, but that is NOT true. It was a GBI informant who Quinton Ray confided in about what he did with Sueann after that late August night.

Today with Sueann being found, and the latest developments in the Janet March disappearance case, it has given me renewed hope that the one who inspired us to help others can be found as well (that being Carrie Culberson).

Janet March vanished on August 16, 1996 when her husband claimed she packed her bags and left for a vacation, leaving behind her family. Nearly 10 years later, Perry March has FINALLY been charged with Janet's murder. In a plea deal, Perry's own father, Auther March claimed that he helped his son dispose of Janet March. Although there are some holes in his story, I believe some of what he said is true.
Authorities have been searching for Janet, but I dont know if they've found her yet. With all of these crimes, there is always someone who knows, and often someone who talks. These people do not understand the hell these families go through waiting for answers for somebody they love to be located.

We are waiting results of the autopsy from GBI headquarters to find out how Sueann Ray died. Once they release Sueann, we will begin the process of having her memorial. She's not out there anymore lieing in the cold dark woods. She's now home and those who hurt her are going to be held accountable for their actions. A special thanks to Georgia Bureau of Investigation for all their efforts and hard work on Sueann's case. There were so many parts of this case that they could not divulge, but knew what to do in order get her back.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Little Girl Lost - The Disappearance of Erica Baker

It was February 7, 1999, in Kettering Ohio, when Erica Baker asked her mother if she could take the family dog for a walk. Erica put on her pink rain coat and sat out walking around 3:30 p.m. that afternoon. Around 5, Erica’s mother became concerned that Erica had not returned. It was unlike Erica to stay gone this long.

As the family began searching the park for Erica, where they’d find Erica’s dog wandering around with his leash without Erica.

Police and hundreds of volunteers began combing the area for Erica Baker, but to no avail, she had vanished without a trace. Days would turn into months and still no sign of Erica. Her family was devastated and needed answers.

Erica’s family would take polygraph tests to clear themselves in any involvement in Erica’s disappearance. Still there was someone out there who k new Erica’s whereabouts. Tips came into the police department of possible suspects, one of which seemed to be of particular interest. The caller claimed that a known drug dealer Jan Marie Franks and another man, were high on drugs and accidentally hit Erica Baker as she walked on Feb. 7, 1999, killing her. The caller claimed that in a panic, the occupants of the van put Erica into the van and drove to an undisclosed location where they buried her body.

Jan Marie Franks’ attorney Beth Lewis apparently was told some vital information regarding the events of the day Erica vanished, just before Franks died. The attorney, a mother herself, refused to give any information given by her client, now deceased to help find Erica. This came after Jan Marie Franks’ husband waived the right to reveal. Lewis claimed that she would be breaking attorney client privilege, which outraged the community and Erica’s family. With the client now deceased, there was nobody to betray.

Just last year (2005), three days before the statute of limitations on the offenses would have expired, Christian John Gabriel was indicted for evidence tampering and gross abuse a corpse in connection with Erica's case. He was the driver of the van the day it struck and killed Erica Baker. The indictment also stated that Gabriel then took Erica Baker someplace and buried her remains. Gabriel would confess to police and lead them on what would later be called a wild goose chase of where Erica was buried. Each search turned up empty. He would later tell police that he fabricated the whole story. Gabriel was later sentenced to serve six years for evidence tampering and gross abuse of a corpse.

In early 2006, the attorney for Jan Marie Franks was called by the grand jury to give all the information she has regarding what her client told her about Erica Baker’s disappearance. This is something that helps bring some hope of finding Erica.

Erica's family has been supported by Debra Culberson (Carrie's Mom). Debra has attended several meetings and vigils with Erica's family. Kettering, Ohio, known to many as Dayton Ohio is very close to Culberson's home in Blanchester, Ohio. Both families are very strong and will not give up the search for their loved one.

While Erica’s family was forced to realize that Erica would never return home alive, they can find some comfort in knowing that the person who ended Erica’s life that day is being made to pay for his actions although it was an accident. All they really want to do is bring Erica back home. No family should have to wonder what happened to their child and not be allowed answers when they are clearly out there, but being withheld.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where's Rachel - 10 Yrs. Later

On Jan. 31, 1996, Rachel Mellon stayed home from school because of a sore throat. Her step dad last saw her sleeping before he went outside to take the dog for a walk around noon. Nobody noticed that Rachel had vanished until around five in the afternoon when her mother arrived home. Rachel's parents were very concerned because Rachel had left behind her purse, and her winter clothing. Where was Rachel? Had she ran away?

In 2000, a grand jury reopened Rachel's case and asked for semen, hair and blood samples from Rachel's step dad, Vince. No further actions were taken after the grand jury reopened Rachel's case. They feel that Rachel Mellon simply ran away on that fateful day, but her family do not believe that.
Six years later, Rachel was now missing for a full ten years. Rachel's biological dad had a memorial for Rachel on Jan. 31, 2006 in Bolingbrook, Illinois. There have been few answers as to what happened to Rachel and it appears that 10 years later the authorities are no closer to solving this mystery than the day it happened. Many people believe that Rachel's step dad was the one who held the clues for Rachel's whereabouts. He had several domestic violence problems and failed lie detector tests regarding Rachel.
Was vital information lost in the initial investigation? Can it ever be retrieved to find out what really happened to Rachel? Her case is one that is very strange to me. Maybe someday soon, answers can be found.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mission For The Missing

This is the time of year when the conferences and gatherings for the missing begin. This year there are two that look to be very important that my group will be attending. The first is a two day workshop presented by Fox Valley Technical College, Criminal Justice Center for Innovation, and the National Center for Missing Adults. They are having several different classes in different states to accommodate those who wish to attend. The event focuses on assistance to better handle missing person cases. The classes are for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, and those wishing to learn more about this ongoing epidemic.
I learned that Robert Cooke, father is Rachel Cooke who disappeared while jogging in January of 2002 will be one of the people leading a class. Robert Cooke has been very involved with the missing person area since his family began searching for one of their own loved ones.

Unless my schedule changes, our group looks to attend the April classes which is just a few weeks after the second annual Cue Center for the Missing Round Table Conference, in Wilmington, NC.
Last year was the first conference and the turnout was wonderful. We had representatives from DNA Lifeprint, Skeltrac, and criminal profiler, Dr. Maurice Godwin, to name a few. The conference joined many of my dear friends together who are suffering a loss along with education on various areas of the procedures when a person becomes missing. The conference is going to be held March 24 – March 26th. I believe that this go around, my group will fly in rather than drive to cut down on exhaustion. Our traveling has picked up a lot in the last few months and we all need rest so we can focus. The list of people who will be there continues to grow each day. One that we look forward to this time is the Polly Klaas Foundation. I cannot say enough good things about the teachers we had last year. The knowledge I gained has been so very helpful in this last year.

Another very important part of the Cue Center conference, will be held on that Saturday night, March 25th. That will be the National Missing Person’s Vigil. I cannot wait to see the wall that has been created with all the many faces of those who are missing. I do believe they are restricted only to cases in North Carolina.

If you are a family or advocate of the missing, you can find out more information on these two conferences in the event you wish to attend. This year there is a cost for Cue Center’s conference. It’s $120 per person and that’s a SMALL price to pay for something that you’ll cherish forever (I promise).

The classes presented by National Center for Missing Adults are $275 per person and that does not include your travel, food, or lodging expenses.

Investigating Missing Adults
Presented by
The National Center for Missing Adults in partnership with
Fox Valley Technical College, Criminal Justice Center for Innovation

Cue Center For Missing Adults Round Table Conference

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Psychics Join Search for 2 Missing GA Women

The last few days have been difficult and basically an emotional roller coaster for and the families of Sueann Ray and Leslie Adams. Two psychic detectives were in Georgia over this weekend assisting police in a search for Sueann and Leslie.
I have never seen a psychic yet that has helped located one of the missing, and I was not feeling positive about these two. As the weekend progressed, there were some findings but nothing that led us directly to Sueann and Leslie. I did not expect this to happen, and I often wonder if we would’ve felt much better if we had just left well enough alone.
The thing about these missing person cases is the uncertainty. The constant wondering and lull that occurs from day to day is something that can often wear thin on your nerves.

The two ladies from Arkansas who came to offer their assistance for Leslie and Sueann did not charge for their services. They came down here on their own. They claim that these two are communicating with them from beyond. That seems a little far fetched but could it be really happening? I doubt it but I always try to remain positive.
At the present time, we are taking the information that was given to the police and ourselves into account and hoping that it turns up some clue of Sueann or Leslie. At the same time, I remain on the skeptical side and I doubt I will change my view until someone proves me different.
I just hope that everybody will remember these two and continue to keep them close in their prayers. Somewhere out there, there is someone who holds the key to these mysteries.

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